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Aida at Stade de France, the pharaonic opera by Verdi

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Aida, Verdi’s Opéra will be held at Stade de France, under the direction of Placido Domingo.


After the popular sucess of Carmen, Ben-Hur, Nabucco... get seduced by Aida, the new show at Stade de France. In a stage direction combining the immensity of Antique Egypt with the grandiose Stade de France. Discover this tragedy that mixes love and jealousy, duty, honor and betrayal. 800 artists will perform on a giant stage 80 meters wide. Light effects, stage settings and a majestic display of costumes, added to the beauty of music, will make you live an unforgettable evening. Orchestrated by the maestro Placido Domingo who will direct the opera, this show will make you travel more than what you expected.

Aida is an opéra in 4 acts by Giuseppe Verdi, after the libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni based on a storyline by Auguste-Édouard Mariette, created on December, 24th, 1871 at the Opera Khédival in Cairo.

Characters playing in Aida show

Amneris, daughter of the king of Egypt (mezzo-soprano), Aida, Ethiopian slave in the service of Amneris (soprano), Amonasro, king of Ethiopia, father of Aida (baryton) Radamès, Egyptian captain (tenor), Ramphis, Egyptian high priest (bass), king of Egypt (bass), the high priestesses (soprano), a messenger (tenor), Priests and priestesses, ministers, captains, soldiers, civil servants, Ethiopian slaves and prisoners, Egyptian population (choir).

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Stade de France
Rue Henri Delaunay

tel tel : 01 55 93 00 00 (Groupes)
fax fax : 01 55 93 00 49
Getting there Getting there
Bus : 139 et 173 (arrêt La Plaine Stade de France); 153 et 253 (arrêt Pont du canal);
Motorway : A1 sortie 2 Stade de France; A86 sortie 9 Saint-Denis la Plaine Stade de France
RER (Regional rapid transit) : B, La plaine de Stade de France
Metro : Ligne 13, Saint-Denis - Porte de Paris
Stade de France, Rue Henri Delaunay, 93200 SAINT-DENIS

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