This former bus station reconverted into a theater, Glazart stands out as an atypical place in the Paris musical scene. For over fifteen years, this concert hall and club has carried on the winning bet of a place dedicated to discovery, diversity and pluridisciplinarity, all at the heart of the creation of comtemporary music.  

Including a concert hall and several exhibition spaces, Glazart associates pluridisciplinarity, emerging music, alternative cultures and festive spirit. Its programme is eclectic and targeted : dubstep, post rock, noise, növo hip hop, roots, death metal, minimalist, hardcore… all in a warm and colorful universe, quirky and underground, deliciously glamor and resolutely rock’n’roll. Glazart is open 200 days per year!

Historically, Glazart has always been open to many esthetic visual and musical trends, offering a genuine specialist view of styles and niches which are so often insufficiently represented in other venues.

 A pioneer in bass music in France, Glazart distinguished itself by hosting the first drum’n'bass evenings in the 90s, then the first dubstep evenings in the 2000s. It was this strong niche positioning which now identifies Glazart as a reference venue for many trends, whether it be for concerts (metal, noise, reggae, hip-hop,…) or clubbing (dubstep, drum’n'bass, trance, dub, hardcore,…).

Off-centre and excentric, Glazart is definitively an exceptional place : its location close to Porte de la Villette cultivates the perfect difference to other clubs and concert halls. More Berliner than Parisian, entrenched in underground cultures, Glazart also benefits from a terrace for smokers, an entirely tagged facade by the street artists Collectif TRBDSGN, and an artificial beach over 800 m2 adjacent to the venue in summer.


Number of meeting room Number of meeting room : 2
Maximum capacity (standing) Maximum capacity (standing) : 1500 persons
Specifications of meeting room
Name of meeting room Surface area
in m²
Conference hall Classroom Meeting room U-shaped table banquetting room Cocktail reception
Cocktail reception
Glazart 0 - - - - - 590 -
La Plage 800 - - - - - - 1500

Contact Glazart

7-15 avenue de la Porte de la Villette

75019 PARIS
48.8993004 , 2.38693000000001
tel tel : 01 40 36 55 65
fax fax : 01 40 36 09 50
Getting there Getting there
Railway station : Gare de l'Est
Tram : Ligne 3b, Porte de la Villette
Metro : Ligne 7, Porte de la Villette
Bus : Ligne 75, Porte de la Villette
Vélib' : 19115 - PORTE DE LA VILLETTE (11m)
Vélib' : 19010 - PORTE DE LA VILLETTE (24m)
Vélib' : 19009 - CITE DES SCIENCES (35m)
Glazart, 7-15 avenue de la Porte de la Villette, 75019 PARIS
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