Seine-Saint-Denis Tourism Board welcomes your delegation for a learning expedition

Rich of its expertise regarding the development of tourism in a fast changing area, Seine-Saint-Denis Tourism Board offers you tailored advisory services based on inspiring meetings and exchanges.

Since it is always enlightening to be attentive to good practices, we would be delighted to share with you our experience of the implementation of touristic strategies in our department, which are always imagined according to its own identity.

A few major issues articulate our expertise:

  • How to develop tourism in an emerging territory?
  • What are the strategies to make a territory become more attractive when it is located near a touristic brand such as Paris?
  • How to enhance the many initiatives of a territory that is in the full flow of development?
  • How to collaborate with world-renowned sites?
  • What are the resources of such a tourism development agency?

Those issues are just some examples of thematics which can be discussed in our different fields of activities:
- collaborative tourism;
- trade, leisure and cultural tourism;
- development of a territory thanks to the organization of events;
- etc.


The Seine-Saint-Denis Department, symbol of a Paris in expansion

Located right next to the Northeastern arrondissements of Paris, Sein-Saint-Denis is fully part of the Greater Paris, notably through the project of the ‘Grand Paris Express’, and its new lines of public transportation that will particularly well serve the department.

Highly industrialized since the end of the 19th century, this area has known a period of de-industrialization at the end of the seventies, revealing numerous industrial wastelands. These derelict factories and abandoned buildings have become the flag of the ‘City of Tomorrow’: eco-neighborhoods, cultural and creative centers, high-tech companies, hybrid places combining fablabs, collaborative working spaces, business incubators, urban agriculture and schools are more and more numerous and represent the future of an extended and easily reachable capital city.

These changes have led Seine-Saint-Denis Tourism Board to imagine new forms of touristic development and promotion. The tourism development agency has been a pioneer if the field of collaborative tourism, including industrial visits, visits of worksites and urban walks. It also encourages projects linked to transient urbanism thanks to a large ecosystem of actors in connection with the social/solidarity-based economy.

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