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The Untilthen gallery is no more located at the Puces. It is now open since September 2017 at 41 Boulevard de Magenta, Paris 10th Arrondissement.

The Ropac gallery was opened in Pantin and the Gagosian gallery in le Bourget and now some other new initiatives have been set up : it is the turn of another great Parisian gallery to settle in the outskirts of Paris. The ex-collaborators of Yvon Lanbert: Olivier Belot, Mélanie Meffrer Rondeau and Alexa Brossard) opened in March 2015, an ambitious new space in Saint-Ouen. But, while the former kept their headquarters in Paris, the latter have decided to settle completely in the Paris suburbs.

Set up in an industrial hall under a glass roof on the  rue des Rosiers, the gallery disposes of 500 m2 exhibition space. It benefits from the trendy surroundings of the vintage boutique Habitat, the antique gallery Mademoiselle Steinitz, the concept store Eclaireur and the restaurant Maison Burgers.

These three members of the Yvon Lambert cooperation have stated out on this new adventure which questions the codes of the Parisian gallery. Alonside them work famous artists such as Douglas Gordon, David Claerbout, Jonathan Monk, Robert Barry, Diogo Pimentao or Joan Jonas (who will represent the United States of America at the next Biennial Meeting in Venise).

Leaving the Marais district

The geographical choice is in rupture with that of the so Parisian codes of contemporary art.

”When Yvon opened in the Marais district, he was the first one. This is the way to create a situation. It is to try something different. We love the Marais, but in the end, there is no exceptional space to do something awesome. If we had stayed, we would have been tempted to do like Yvon. Now, we must invent”  say the three associates.

The gallery works in rhythm with the flea market in Saint Ouen open to the public from Friday to Sunday.

"The flea market is a real way of life in Paris, just like a historical monument filled with people, foreign visitors come here who do not know or go to the Marais. Collectors, artists, company heads : everybody comes to visit the flea market and stays about four or five hours. It is never a quick visit. I love this tempo, time slows down." Explain Olivier Belot.

A space dedicated to exhibitions and performance

It has chosen to present from 4 to 5 exhibitions maximum per year, in order to take the time to work fully with the artists, collectors, curators and organiers,  giving authentic quality time in human relations.

It has also dedicated 40m2 of its space to performance, a discipline that is light years away from the economic contraints of a sales venue. It is once again a new way for artists to meet each other and to forge new links. And it is also a big step in the personal history of Olivier Belot who brought Joan Jonas to Yvon Lambert, the first artist identified as a performer in the history of art.

Check the other contemporary art gallery of the flea market and other contemporary art major places of the parisian North-East: Mains d'Oeuvres at Saint Ouen, the CNEAI at the Magasins Généraux (Pantin), the Maison Populaire art center of Montreuil and the 104.

Contact Gallery Untilthen

Galerie Untilthen
77 rue des Rosiers

48.9029695 , 2.340970900000002
tel tel : 01 85 58 40 22
Getting there Getting there
Metro : Ligne 4 : Porte de Clignancourt
Vélib' : 34004 - VOLTAIRE (SAINT OUEN) (11m)
Vélib' : 34007 - ROSIERS (SAINT OUEN) (37m)
Vélib' : 18122 - BINET (44m)
Vélib' : 34003 - CURIE (SAINT OUEN) (45m)
Galerie Untilthen, 77 rue des Rosiers, 93400 SAINT-OUEN

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