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Basilica of St Denis

Culture for all : an Accessible Monument

Saint-Denis Basilica and Cathedral is one of the pilot sites the Ministry of Culture and Communication has selected for the programme aimed at improving accessibility in historical monuments.

It was granted the Tourism and Handicap label for accessibility to visitors with hearing or intellectual deficiencies.

A ramp provides access to the nave, and an elevating device has been installed in one of the chapels in the crypt. These permanent devices allow people in wheelchairs to tour the basilica, accompanied by a staff member. Abbot Suger’s chevet is the only area that remains inaccessible. Wheelchairs are also available for loan.

Adapted tours offered year-round: tactile tours for people with visual impairments and tours for those with intellectual deficiencies. Two new audioguide tours will be available in December 2007 for visitors with visual or hearing deficiencies :

- A sign-language video guide that uses touch-screen Visitor Digital Assistant (VDA) technology. These sign-language videos will offer a full tour of the basilica.

- An audioguide for visually impaired visitors and their guides. It will include adapted text, audio descriptions and tactile stations.

Reservations : 01 48 09 83 54

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