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Basilica of St Denis

Educational Activities

Saint-Denis Basilica and Cathedral has a variety of educational resources in the areas of history, architecture, literature, music, the fine arts and the art of gardening.

Educational projects encourage young pupils to get their bearings in time and space. In this spirit, the basilica welcomes pupils throughout the year. They work right in the building, under the supervision of a specially trained animator, and actively discover the whole monument: architecture, sculpture and stained glass, from the nave to the crypt. They use educational materials developed especially for them: study of recumbent figures, kings and knights; the functioning and role of the medieval image; and an orientation activity based on the basilica’s floor plan. Practical exercises are also offered: handling of architectural models illustrating the construction of a semicircular arch, the purpose of a flying buttress and the evolution of the basilica’s construction. The pupils do pastel drawings on regular or velvet paper. Full- and half-day workshops are offered.

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