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Basilica of St Denis

Blanche de Navarre (1332-1398) and Joan (1350-1371)

Blanche de Navarre (1332 † 1398), daughter of Philippe III of Navarre and Jeanne of France; queen of Navarre and second wife to Philippe VI of Valois and Jeanne (1350 † 1371); daughter of Blanche of Navarre and Philippe IV of Valois.

Blanche of Navarre was pregnant with Jeanne at the death of her husband, King Philippe VI of Valois. Jeanne of Navarre, sometimes called Blanche, passed away during the trip on the way to her wedding with Jean d’Aragon. Her tomb was made in 1371 in the workshop of the famous sculptor Jean of Liège for the Basilica of Saint-Denis at the request of her mother who was buried at her side.

The recumbent tomb of Jeanne originally had a metal crown. Her face is framed with short braids lifted off from her cheek by a piece of material. Blanche wears the traditional widowhood veil.

There are a lot of recumbent effigies of the House of Valois in the Basilica of Saint-Denis such as Beatrice of Bourbon, Bertrand du Guesclin and Blanche de Navarre.

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