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Basilica of St Denis

Clovis II (639-657)

Clovis II (635 † 657), king of Neustria and Burgundy,  from 639 to 657, son of Dagobert and Nantilda (Nanthilde).

Legend says that Clovis stole one of Saint-Denis’ arm according to the devil’s will. A biographer of Dagobert would say that greed motivated the theft, punished immediately by saint Denis. Clovis was said to have suffered a moment of folly just after that ! The king returned the relic to the abbey for his own redemption.

The recumbent effigy was part of the order made by Saint-Louis which affirmed the dynastic continuity of Merovingian to Capetian.

Recumbent effigy Clovis II. © Jean-Christophe Ballot - Centre des monuments nationaux.

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