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Basilica of St Denis

History of excavations

1859 : First excavations of the Merovingian aristocratic necropolis (Eugene Viollet-le Duc)

1900-1901 : Excavation north of the Basilica revealed how large the Merovingian necropolis was (local scholars)

1938 – 1948 : First scientific excavations inside the Basilica (Sumner McKnight Crosby, American archaeologist)

1957 : Excavation of the aristocratic necropolis (Edouard Salin)

1958 : Continuation of excavation of the necropolis (Michel Fleury)

1959 : Discovery of the tomb of Aregonde

1973 -1974 : Construction of line 13 of the metro, first urban excavations (Olivier Meyer)

1977 – 1992 : Rescue excavation on 13,5 hectares north of the Basilica (Olivier Meyer, archaeological department)

1996 : Publication of the historical atlas of Saint-Denis – from its origin to the 18th century (under the leadership of Michaël Wyss)

1997 : Excavation of the Chapter hall of the medieval abbey (Michael Wyss, archaeological department)

1998 : Development of Pierre de Montreuil garden, discovery of original fragments of the transept roses (Michael Wyss, archaeological department)

1998 – 2002 : Soundings inside the cloister and the medieval abbey canteen (Michael Wyss, archeological service)

Photos : View of the excavations undertaken by Saint-Denis archaeological dept. Above, north of Saint-Paul church 1988 Olivier Meyer © UASD. Bellow, Pierre de Montreuil garden and discovery of the mullions of the Gothic roses 1998. J. Mangin © UASD

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