Canal Saint-Denis lives it up all summer !

What do Stade de France, Basilica of Saint-Denis and Parc de La Villette have in common? Canal Saint-Denis ! Not so well known, this canal contains many surprises. Since the creation of Stade de France in 1998 and the development of its banks, this canal has gradually become a relaxing place to stroll around. Just like Canal de l'Ourcq, it is theater to a multitude of festivities during summer. In the programme : cruises, excursions, dance balls, concerts, entertainment... During summer 2016, many activities around football will be highlighted in Saint-Denis and La Villette during Euro 2016. And all along the banks, Street Art Avenue will make you discover Street Art artists and grafftis. Discover the summer programme canal Saint-Denis !

Explore Street Art Avenue by boat!

During summer 2016, some cruises will take you along Street Art Avenue along canal Saint-Denis from the Parc de La Villette to Stade de France. A great way to discover the artists and canal Saint-Denis - from Paris to Saint-Denis via Aubervilliers, and this great project on street art headed by the Tourism Office of Plaine Commune Grand Paris.

A guinguette on the banks of canal St-Denis

Canal Saint-Denis welcomes partners committed to the region for a moment of festivity around a responsible and solidarity-based economy. The collectif group Mund Gawi will be back this summer on the banks of Canal Saint-Denis!

Football fair at La Villette

All summer long, Parc de La Villette is organizing activities around football on the occasion of UEFA Euro 2016 : children’s workshops, dance balls, real or virtual funny football pitches, exhibitions, fun fair... Discover the details of la Foot foraine.

Fanzone Euro 2016 Saint-Denis

From 10th June to 10th July 2016, Saint-Denis will host some of the matches of Euro 2016 at stade de France. A fanzone is set up all through the Euro 2016. Discover the programme of festivities in the Fanzone at Saint-Denis

Paris-London Green lane

For cycling lovers, Canal Saint-Denis offers a variety of cycling tours and excursions along the bike trail on the banks of the canal leading to Stade de France and its outstanding Basilica which stands in the heart of this evolving city. Children and adults can enjoy this promenade area.

For the bold and more sportive among you, the cycle trail along Canal Saint-Denis is part of the Green lane which links Paris to London by bicycle. The London-Paris Greenway is the itinerary opened for the Olympics games of 2012.

Basilica Saint-Denis

A 10-minute walk from canal Saint-Denis, discover the Basilica of Saint-Denis, the first master piece of Gothic art. A royal necropolis since the 12th century, it shelters an impressive series of recumbent tombs of the kings and queens of France.

Stade de France

It is the largest French stadium with 81, 338 places. Constructed for the 1998 football world cup, it is dominated by its roof, a genuine floating halo 46 meters above the lawn. It continues to echo the vibrant clamor of the victory of the "Bleus" against Brazil.

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