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Street Art AvenueStreet Art AvenueStreet Art AvenueStreet Art AvenueStreet Art AvenueStreet Art AvenueStreet Art AvenueStreet Art AvenueStreet Art Avenue

Street Art Avenue is a project of urban art frescoes all along the Saint-Denis canal, from the Stade de France through Aubervilliers to Paris Porte de la Villette. local, French and international artists are invited to take over the site and offer live-painting, workshops and performances.

The Street Art Avenue urban art trail can be discovered on its own or during guided walks and cruises on the Saint-Denis Canal.

Visit Street Art Avenue

Tours of Street Art Avenue are available: a cruise with commentary by a street art pro, walks along the Canal Saint-Denis and guided strolls.

Discover street art with a guide

The route can also be visited on its own, with a brochure available from the Plaine Commune Attractiveness Agency, 1 rue de la République, Saint-Denis - or downloadable from their website. Further information on 01 55 87 08 70.

Street Art Avenue 2024

This year's Street Art Avenue 2024 is dedicated to sport, to coincide with the Olympic Games in France, and is a showcase for the region's know-how and diversity.
The artists of Street Art Avenue 2024

New works by 7 artists will appear along the Canal Saint-Denis.

Emerging artists, 2024: Bust the Drip (France, Limeil Brevanne - @bust_the_drip) and MJAY (France, Marseille - @mariejoeayoub)

White cards, 2024:

  • 3 renowned international artists: Hera of Herakut (Germany - @hera_herakut), Insane 51 (Greece - @insane51), Inti (Chile - @inti.artist)
  • 4 national artists mixing historical graffiti artists from 93 and collaborations from the rest of France: Kashink (Paris - @kashink1), FD Crew (Collectif - 93), Lady K (Blanc Mesnil @lady.k_156), Rebus (Saint-Denis - @rebus_fdk)

Street Art Avenue 2024 program

  •  Between March 20 and 27: worksites by Kashink and Bust
  •  Between April 27 and May 2: worksites by P2B & Perrine Honoré, Lady K, and Rébus
  • Nuit Blanche on June 1st 2024
  • Between May 20 and June 4: worksites by Insane 51, Hera of Herakut, Mjay, FD Crew
  • June 25 to July 15: Street Art Avenue Olympics
  • From July 10 to 14: Inti workcamp

Works from the Stret Art Avenue trail still visible:

  • Yoldie One - @yoldie.one
  • La Dewolf – Le réveil de Jupiter - @la2wolf
  • Elian Chali – Conversations avec d’autres mondes - @elianchali
  • Sifat - @sifat_quazi
  • Swen & Eros - @eros.93
  • Rébus - @rebus_fdk
  • Bastos
  • Bruna Vettori - @brunavettori
  • Fabio Petani - @fabiopetani
  • Telmo Miel - @telmomiel : 84 rue Danielle Casanova (Saint-Denis).
  • Tarek Benaoum - @tarekbenaoum : 132 rue Danielle Casanova (Saint-Denis).
  • Case Maclaim – Davis vs. Goliath - @case_maclaim
  • Sœurs Chevalme – Vingt mille lieues sous la Seine - @les_soeurs@_chevalme
  • Marko 93 & Katre – Félins - @marko93darkvapor & @katre_graffiti
  • Amoor - @amoor_aka
  • Skio - @skio1
  • Zdey – The Concrete Great Escape - @timzdey
  • Takir – Galaktik City - @takir_vortex
  • Acidum Project - @acidumproject
  • Gonzague Lacombe & Laure du Fäy – Haut les masques - gonzaguelacombele6b & @lauredufay
  • Tcheko, Lek & Sowat – Be like water - @tcheko_cercle19, @lek_____75019 & @sowat_dmv
  • Jumu Monster - @jumumonster
  • Alexandra Arango – Animals - @_alexarango
  • Fimo & Dizzy – Geometricks - @fimow & @dizzy.du.gang
  • Roid Msk – Infrastructure B - @willis82
  • Paola Delfin & Collectif Art - @paola_delfin
  • Polysémique – 360° - @latelierpolysemique
  • No Rules Corp. – King Fish
  • Polar - @worldofpolar : 3 quai F. Mitterrand (Saint-Denis).
  • Kazy Usclef – Soleil Serpent - @kazyusclef
  • Blackdoors - @_blackdoors_
  • Guate Mao – O’chau - @guate.mao
  • Dawal - @_dawal
  • Aubergraffiti Show III (2022)
  • Hydrane – Serpent d’eau douce - @hydrane
  • Julien Malland, alias Seth - @seth_globepainter : 28 quai Gambetta (Aubervilliers).
  • Media ODV - @media_odv

The creation of Street Art Avenue

On the occasion of Euro 2016, some artists created their artwork on the banks of Canal Saint-Denis, creating thus an outdoor street art gallery, from Stade de France to Parc de la Villette. Various techniques of urban art are represented here: graffiti, tags, collages, stencils... and many of them on urban furniture. Live performances, participative frescoes and artistic workshops were programmed all along the conception of the project.

The street art avenue which counted for about fifteen artworks created during summer 2016, was completed by new graffiti, frescoes, collages during summer 2017 by the stencil user Guate Mao. ZDEY painted the lower level of the motorway A86, the lettering and the geometry of Dizzy and Fimo can be found on the pillars of A86, The Chevalme Sisters, artists in residence at 6B, painted an aquatic fresco in Saint-Denis.

Click here to know more about the artists presenting their artworks in north east Paris : Alexandra Arango, Ambroise and Victor, Astro, Basto, FD Crew, Guate Mao, Joachim Romain, Julia Lopez, Jungle, Marko 93, No rules corp, On Off collectif, Rebus, Robert Zytynski, Unavida Collectif, Valentina Conseco, Romano, Jo di Bona, Daniel Eime...

The project is being built in partnership with the cities of Aubervilliers, Saint-Denis and Paris, Plaine Commune, the Département de la Seine Saint-Denis and Paris 2024.

Canal Saint-Denis, du stade de France à La Villette
1 place de l'Écluse

48.9277693275855 , 2.358244057672092
Getting there Getting there
Metro : Ligne 13, Saint Denis Porte de Paris
Metro : Ligne 7, Porte de la Villette
Tram : T3b, Porte de la Villette
Canal Saint-Denis, du stade de France à La Villette, 1 place de l'Écluse, 93200 SAINT-DENIS Dates when open Dates when open : From Friday 1st July 2016 to Tuesday 31st December 2024

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