Best restaurants in Seine-Saint-Denis

Going out with your family, friends, to celebrate or with your partner for lunch/diner? Here is the list of the 10 most famous restaurants located in Seine-Saint-Denis!

Yaya Restaurant (Greek restaurant)

Everybody talks about it. This restaurant which opened its doors a few months ago in a transforming neighborhood is the symbol of gastronomic renewal in Saint-Ouen near the Seine river. What to expect: a great Colombian chef named Juan Arbelaez, Greek food inspired by the Chantzios brothers’ grandmother (founders of Kalios house), affordable prices and a cozy, well-decorated place with blue and white colors. Discover traditional greek food such as: mezes, pita, etc…

+: Terrace to enjoy summer

Where: Saint-Ouen

Auberge des Saints-Pères

It is a must restaurant in Seine-saint-Denis. Jean-Claude Cahagnet, a Michelin-starred chef, is a true passionate and has a great inventiveness. It is close to Le Bourget, and Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport. A gourmet restaurant with affordable prices: do not miss it out!

+: the only star rated restaurant in Seine-Saint-Denis

Where: Aulnay-sous-Bois

Ma Cocotte

Ma Cocotte opened its doors in the heart of the Paris flea market. Designed by Philippe Starck with furniture coming from the flea market, you will have lunch or dinner in a cozy and pleasant atmosphere. The food is varied and excellent with fair prices. It is perfect for families, friends but also for co-workers.

+: Several little rooms with different atmospheres

Where: Saint-Ouen

Auberge du Château Bleu

Gardens, horses, trees… You are not in the heart of the countryside but in Tremblay-en-France, located near Roissy-en-France airport. You will taste traditional French cuisine with seasonal products.

+: Located near an equestrian center

Where: Tremblay-en-France

Les Pantins

Antonin Vachon, Walid Sahed (trained at the Bristol) and Guillaume Maugain (former chef at Verre Volé) opened this little bistro-restaurant, using organic food and offer a good wine menu. What could you ask more?

+: welcoming place located next to the Centre National de la Danse, the canal de l’Ourcq and Ropac gallery.

Where: Pantin


In the heart of the city, a gastronomic restaurant is hiding in the center of a park. It is a secret place where gourmets can taste an authentic cuisine, managed by a meat lovers couple, James and Marie.

+: Have dinner/lunch in a park in the middle of a city, near the center

Where: Montreuil

Rio dos Camaraos

Craving for exoticism? This restaurant offers an African cuisine (Cameroun, Mali, Senegal, Gabon…). Come and taste some grilled food, maafe, yassa, gumbo, ndolé… A true cooking discovery!

+: Travel to Africa through cooking and the warm atmosphere

Where: Montreuil

Pouilly Reuilly

This is the brasserie where François Mitterand (former French president) and his team used to have lunch. It is an old bistrot that reminds us of post-war France thanks to its decoration and the menu made for meat lovers.

+: a true bistrot with a scrumptious cuisine

Where: Pré Saint-Gervais

Le Coq de la Maison Blanche

Bought by the François family in 1946, the restaurant still welcomes hundreds of clients. It is a restaurant made for true gourmets, fish but also meat lovers. This restaurant is the perfect example of French cuisine.

+: the wine menu

Where: Saint-Ouen

Le Boeuf Couronné

Le Boeuf Couronné is located in La Villette, next to the Seine-Saint-Denis department. This meat restaurant is the only one which “survived” the closure of the slaughterhouse. The meat here is juicy and the menu only ¤34 (appetizer – entree – cheese – dessert – coffee – wine). Best prices in Paris!

+: 30’s brasserie with waiters all dressed in black and white, large tables and one of Jacques Brel’s favorite restaurants.

Where: Paris 19th arrondissement

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