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Cruises on Parisian canals

Beside traditional cruises on the famous bateaux-mouches and romantic dinners on the Seine river, tourists are welcome to hop on and navigate Parisian canals all year long. Cruises on Canal de l'Ourcq, Canal saint Denis, Canal Saint Martin or the Marne river are a perfect way to see Paris with a fresh pair of eye and discover the atmosphere of an unsual and hidden side of Paris. To discover these new sights you can also opt for nocturnal boat circuits during special events such as valentine's day, a birthday, new years eve... You can board the different boats at the Bassin de la Villette, at quai de Valmy and in various places in the Parisian region. To discover :


Cruises in Paris

Event-based cruises
L'Été du Canal

L'été du Canal is a summer festival that takes place every year in July and August with cruises on the Canal de l'Ourcq and waterways in the Parisian region.

Cap sur la Marne

Cap sur la Marne with cruises in Neuilly-sur-Marne, Gournay-sur-Marne and Noisy-le-Grand.

Passeurs de Marne

Discover cruises between Noisy-le-Grand, Gournay sur Marne and Neuilly-sur-Marne.

Sailing the canals of Paris

Sail, paddle or drive without a license on the canals and discover Paris region by boat.

Cruises on the Ourcq canal

Starting from the Bassin de la Villette or the la Villette park, it is possible to do a cruise on the Ourcq canal all year long or almost. The perfect opportunity to discover the rich and varied landscape of the 19th district of Paris and the industrial past of the cities alongside the canal which are reinventing themselves.

Boarding on the Canal Saint-Martin

While on the boats Arletty and Marcel Carné from the cruise operator Canauxrama, discover the "vieux Paris" cruise on the Canal Saint Martin: from the Paris-Arsenal marina to the Bassin de la Villette or vice versa. A romantic and unusual stroll in the heart of the history of the "Paris of parisians" districts. With Paris Canal board for 2h30 cruises with a magical atmosphere commented in French and English. 

The canal Saint-Denis

Less known by parisians and tourists than the other two parisian canals, the canal Saint-Denis is a waterway that lends itself to cruises. Go on a cruise along this waterway sprinkled with several locks extending from the 19th district of Paris to the Seine river. We can admire an industrial landscape in transformation, playground of several urban artists. More information about cruises on the canal Saint-Denis.

Cruises on the Seine...

A parisian cruise on the Seine is a must, which allows you to admire the most beautiful monuments of Paris. But there is also a lesser known Seine in the Paris region, you can admire it on the side of Ile-Saint-Denis and Epinay-sur-Seine during cruises which can be combined with the nearby Saint-Denis canal.

... and on the Marne

A cruise on the Marne in the parisian region is the perfect opportunity to discover small islands home to guinguettes and extremely beautiful residences nesteld behind the trees. For example, Canauxrama offers a cruise called "au pays des guinguettes", which goes from Paris to Bry-sur-Marne in a musette atmosphere, for a verdant day along the waterside. Paris Canal also offers one-day circuits with a bucolic cruise along the Seine and the Marne's loop.

The journey continues

We celebrated the bicentanary of the Canal Saint-Denis in 2021 and the bicentanary of the Canal de l'Ourcq in 2022.

Group cruisesDifferent options are given  to groups who want to take a boat tour on the waterways of Paris and Ile-de-France throughout the year: dinner cruise, school cruise. Check without further ado our options specifically made for groups all year long or contact our commercial department for a free estimate. Whether you are a group of friends, a work council or a charity don't hesitate in contacting us to choose the parisian cruise that will suit you the best. You can also create packages and combine your cruises with our other products such as lunches, visits or transport.

Discover cruise boats in Paris. More information regarding cruises on Parisian canals, on the website of the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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