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Seine-Saint-Denis: a rich and varied urbanism

Noisy-le-GrandIn an urban landscape, different architectural styles and all the layers of its past, come together, a house, a building or an entire neighborhood. This capacity to mix, this mosaic of life, reflect the architectural achievements in Seine Saint Denis; from the housing developments in Tremblay-en-France to the Palacio d’Abraxas de Ricardo Bofill in Noisy-le-Grand, through Garden-Cities in Stains and Blanc-Mesnil, la cité de La Muette in Drancy or the Maladrerie in Aubervilliers. This rich and varied heritage (Seine Saint Denis has the highest development of archetype suburban pavilions in the inner ring of Paris) can be seen throughout the territory and reflects the image of continuity which can be seen in its walls.

Before 1914
The Banque de France in Saint-Denis
The former Banque de France in Saint-Ouen
Banque de France in Pantin
The first concrete House : Coignet house in Saint-Denis
Altruist employers and worker accommodation
Maison blanche psychiatric hospital

The Nineteen-Twenties
The first HBM (affordable housing) in the 1920s
Garden Cities in Seine-Saint-Denis

The Nineteen-Thirties
Some information on housing developments
The diversity of architecture in the1930s
Cité de la Muette in Drancy
The Germain-Dorel Residence
Pont-Yblon housing estate in Blanc-Mesnil

The Nineteen-Fifties
Difficult times for Reconstruction : temporary structures
The first Post-war housing estates
Merlan housing estate in Noisy-le-Sec
La Courtillières housing estate in Pantin
André Lurçat left his mark in Blanc-Mesnil

The Nineteen-Sixties
The 4000 housing estate in La Courneuve
The Clos Saint-Lazare in Stains
Bobigny city center

The Nineteen-Seventies
Urban renovations in the 1970s
Francs-Moisins housing estate in Saint-Denis
Rose des Vents housing estate in Aulnay-sous-Bois
Pierre Sémard housing estate in Blanc-Mesnil

The Nineteen-Eighties
Espace Abraxas and Arène de Picasso housing developments
Orme-Seul district in La Courneuve

Some info about social housing :
The beginning of social housing
From the Golden age to HBM (affordable housing)
From HBM (affordable housing ) to HLM (rent-controlled housing)
Key dates in the History of social Housing

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