Marko 93

Marko 93 is an artist engaged in light painting, he takes his inspiration from some of the most unlikely places, drives out the invisible and captures beams of light.

This street artist native to Saint-Denis intervenes frequently in Seine-Saint-Denis and Paris Region. He had notably collaborated with Artof Popof and Da Cruz in 2012, to paint on the ancient customs building located in the town of Pantin. Known under the name collectif PoDaMa, they painted the structure situated along Canal de L’Ourcq.

Marko is an artist with limitless creativity, who, just like light, likes to travel through time and space, taking his inspiration from the most unusual places, revealing the invisible on a country road, to the beat of electro music, on the facade of an HLM building (housing projects) , sublimating a dancer’s body, redesigning the electrified sky of a big city, In these beams of light , Marko93 captures fragments of souls and penetrates into the life and very heart of the people.

At the dawn of the 21st millennium, in the foootsteps of the unclassifiable Man Ray, Marko began to explorer the universe of light-painting: it was the Begining of the Future School. Intrigued by the bright streaks left by the headlights of cars on a photo taken at night, he used his artistic representations to master these rays of light in space to offer them eternity. He learned to tame darkness, and to bring out light from shade. He gives public performances for immediate effect. He enlarges his playground, enjoying his growing reputation that takes him all over the planet, from Rio to Hong Kong, Shanghai to Abu Dhabi

His field of application is very large and the joy of watching is renewed endlessly, Marko, who prefers to perform in public for immediate sharing, takes over eclectic places such as Palais de Tokyo, Quai Branly museum, Grand Palais, Stade de France, Cité des Sciences or the prestigious Mondial de l’Automobile…

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