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Basilica of St Denis

Virtual tour of St Denis Basilica

This virtual tour of the Basilica Cathedral of Saint-Denis allows you to see some facets of this superb monument! However, don't miss the opportunity to visit the basilica to discover "in the flesh" the architecture of the necropolis of the kings of France.

This virtual tour give you access to areas of the basilica not accessible or not visible to the public, such as the organ of the cathedral, the chapels adjoining the narthex, and the high parts of the monument that offer a magnificent view.

Visit the Basilica from the different plans. Choose the areas and elements to be discovered. Once you have entered the 360° tour, you can walk around the Basilica. Icons indicate audio comments (in french) also in text, circles indicate an element to be inspected and "information" points reveal a detail in a photo.

Internet users who own a virtual reality headset can use it for optimal immersion.

This 360° visit of the Saint-Denis Cathedral Basilica is proposed as part of #Culturecheznous launched by the French Ministry of Culture. This experience is part of the project of the Centre des monuments nationaux and the local association Franciade.

If you are not satisfied with this photo gallery, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Cathedral Basilica in Saint-Denis. You will discover a whole panoply of French History with the recumbents of the most famous kings. But it is also an opportunity to learn more about lesser-known sovereigns who had a short reign such as Philippe IV le Bel or François II of Valois Angoulême. Charles Martel's recumbent represents him with crown and sceptre as if he had been king.

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