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Are you spending a short vacation in or around Paris? Are you looking for tailor-made guided tours? Explore Paris private tours are for you! A private tour is a guided tour of Paris on a date of your choice for a small group of people. Tailored to the availability of tourists and guides, Explore Paris' private tours let you discover Paris and the cities of Greater Paris in a whole new light: tailored to your needs and desires, our guides are on hand to offer you half-day or full-day walking tours! With friends, family or on your own, explore and immerse yourself in France's distinctive history, culture and art. Gourmet tours, singing tours, sporting tours, film tours, memory tours... Let yourself be tempted by private tours, a great way to discover Paris and the surrounding area.

Here's our selection of private tours, to suit all tastes, to enjoy life in Greater Paris.

Tristan Bayle time travel to Paris 2024 Olympics

The 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris represent a global event. To welcome the athletes, their teams, families, journalists and thousands of spectators, three Seine-Saint-Denis towns will join forces to build the Olympic Village. While the Village will be the focal point of the public's attention over the next two weeks, it will also have a long-term impact on the surrounding urban fabric: what will be the future of sports facilities after the Paralympic Games? How can they be adapted to the daily lives of local residents?

Tristan Bayle, your guide, will lead you through these recent constructions and tell you the story of the neighborhoods that host the Olympic Village and the mythical Stade de France, the site of sporting celebrations since the 1998 Football World Cup. You'll have the chance to walk on the new pitch before the July wave, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the village's construction phase.

On your marks, get set, go!

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Juliette Dubois's movie tour of Montmartre

How to combine films with Parisian neighborhoods visit? Juliette Dubois, from Ciné-Balade, invites you to rediscover the streets and monuments of Paris through the cinematic eye, an effective way to put yourself in the shoes of the actors and relive the highlights of French and foreign films and TV series. Accompanied by her ever-present tablet for better visualization of her surroundings, Juliette will guide you through Montmartre in the footsteps of Un Américain à Paris, Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain and La Môme, among others. An ode to this neighborhood, which represents one of the most filmed scenes in Paris, Juliette gives her all to bring to life and relive the emotions of these masterpieces, but in real life!

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Bobigny train station memorial guided tour with Anouk Colombani

Recently opened after renovation, the Bobigny train station is a place of remembrance of the Jewish deportation.

A symbol of France's temporary collaboration with Nazi Germany, the station witnessed the passage of tens of thousands of people en route to the death camps. Anouk Colombani, your guide, will accompany you on this journey, the history of which we know thanks to numerous testimonials: context of the German occupation, focus on the organization of the transport of victims and their arrival in the camps, close links to other deportation stations in the vicinity of Paris (Drancy, Le Bourget).

Book a guided tour of the Bobigny memorial

Meuh street art walking tour + live painting from Paris canal de l'Ourcq to Pantin

When it comes to art, Greater Paris stands out for its attraction to street art. Whether commissioned or illegal, street art has the merit of being observed in the midst of urban nature, free of charge and on a daily basis. However, Meuh, your guide, will show you what's so extraordinary about street art, teaching you all about urban art techniques, their supports, their stories and those of their artists. A connoisseur of these techniques, Meuh is the creator of the Beirut Graffiti Tour, which in 2015 promoted Lebanese street art to the local population.

Afterwards, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a live painting by the street artist Meuh.

You'll never look at street art as before!

Ask a street art private tour with Meuh in Paris

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