A coffee roaster in Saint-Denis

Café Brasilia in Saint-DenisSince 2008, Florent, the roaster, has been buying green coffee from the farmers directly from every corner of the Earth : Africa (Ethiopia and Congo), Central America (Nicaragua and Honduras) and Asia (Sumatra). His coffee beans come from small producers organized in cooperative in these countries. He created an association of small roasters like him in Europe, in order to be delivered by cargo boat more easily and because they want to create a partnership in the long term with the producers. That’s why each year one of them visits the plantations to select the best part of the harvest and to work together on the improvement of the quality of coffee beans. It’s an association of fair trade coffee roasters. And all their producers have an organic certification.

This visit is more a scientific tasting than a visit based on the roasting, You will learn to test coffee as a professional in a quality-control laboratory. There is a procedure of tasting coffee that is very scientific. The visitors can taste different coffees in different stages : to smell the non-ground and dry coffee, to smell the coffee with water after 4 minutes and 30 seconds precisely, to smell the none ground coffee, and finally, to taste the coffee by taking in with a big “sllurrppp”. And for each coffee the visitors have different samples to be sure of the sameness of the lot, because a bean can be sometimes fermented or rotted. This visit is no longer available but feel free to stroll through all our gourmet visits.

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