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Saint-Denis market

Marché de Saint-Denis

The local market in Saint-Denis is the worthy successor of the Foire du lendit. Come and purchase original food products or just ramble between the stands in the early morning. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Market Saint-Denis, a true institution!

The city of Saint-Denis boasts a great commercial tradition. In the middle ages, the large Lendit market attracted merchants from all over Europe. This tradition continued until the 20th century with Saint-Denis market, one of the largest markets in the region of Paris Ile-de-France. People come with families for their shopping or ramble through the covered hall or adjacent streets.

Saint-Denis market is managed by the internal administrative service of the city. Generally the organization of the markets is entrusted to a public service delegation service. The large number of merchants makes the operations more difficult and strenuous. Every implementation requires a rigorous organization: merchants arrive at 4 in the morning. Those, who have a fixed location, install and display their goods. The market administrator verifies where there are locations available, and then attributes them to ambulant vendors who are selected by lot in accordance to space available.

What sorts of goods or products are sold at St-Denis market?

You can find rare and exotic products from many parts of the world (France, Mediterranean, Southern Europe, Maghreb, West Indies, Africa) guarantee success with its cosmopolitan atmosphere.

You will also find in this local market in Saint-Denis, local farm-fresh producers such as René Kersanté, the last market gardener in Saint-Denis – who perpetuates the tradition of market gardening in Seine-Saint-Denis – as well as other market gardeners from the region of Île-de-France.

A market of 300 stands and 3 ambulant vendor spaces

St-Denis local market counts for 300 stands between fixed and ambulant merchants spread out over the 3 spaces.

The food market in the Big Hall

In the large Hall, you can find a wide variety of almost all food products. The metallic architecture of the Hall (dating from the 19th century) was restored as well as the internal structure in 2005 adopting an environmentally friendly ecological approach.

Jean Jaurès square and around the Big Hall

At Jean Jaurès square, you will find clothing products... and about everything else one might need including products for the home. Many other garment stands, accessories and hardware articles are situated in the vicinity of the Hall.

Opening hours of Saint-Denis market

The market is held in the morning from 7:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

Visit Saint-Denis market

Exceptional visits are proposed in Saint-Denis market to discover its organization and its function.

Browse through the program of our gourmet visits: weather you are gourmet or simply fond of good food, come to know more about the secrets of the making of loukoums, initiate yourself to beer making facilities, discover the technical specification of salmon smoking, ramble between the stands of Rungis market or in Saint-Denis market with a restaurant owner, these interactive visits are also an invitation to roll up your sleeves and enjoy some cooking experience, learn how to elaborate your chocolates, truffles, ganache or macarons… A delight for your taste buds!

Consult the list of markets in Seine-Saint-Denis- a local market can be found on any weekday in Seine Saint Denis.

Marché de Saint-Denis
Place Victor Hugo

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Marché de Saint-Denis, Place Victor Hugo, 93200 SAINT-DENIS
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