Bike route on the traces of Charles Péguy

This bike route of about fifty kilometers starts from Gare du Vert Galant at Villepinte and allows you to discover the landscape in Seine et Marne, Charles Péguy memorial, Château de Nantouillet and Saint-Mesmes church.

From Gare du Vert Galant, take the path which runs under the train tracks and go over the bridge at Ourcq canal. You will arrive at the cycle path in direction of Villeparisis. 

Follow the cycle path along Canal de l'Ourcq for 7 km. The bike path changes bank for the first time at the level of Villeparisis bridge. After changing bank for the second time, continue on the cycle path for 100 metres, go under the road and then turn right to reach the narrow dirt path for 200 metres until you get to the pavilllion restaurant. Turn right on to Chemin de la Rosée (in front of the restaurant) in direction of Gressy.

At the stop sign, turn left on to Chemin des Carrosses1. At the end of the road, turn right on to rue St Denis. On leaving Gressy, notice the animals at the Moulin de Moulignon on your right. Continue straight on the D139 until Charny via Messy (6,5 km). At Charny, go in direction of Chauconin-Neufmoutier (D139 and then D129). Cross through Villeroy (3km) on the D129 and continue until the Memorial Charles Péguy (300m after exitingVilleroy).

At the memorial turn left in direction of Yverny (in 2 km). Cross Yverny via la rue de Meaux and continue on the D27 in direction of Le Plessis-Lévèque and then in direction of Cuisy. At Cuisy continue on rue du Général De Gaulle. At the stop sign, turn left on to rue du Jeu d’Arc and then, at the first junction, go left again on to the D54. At the stop sign after 1km, turn right on to the D27 in direction of Juilly (5 km).

On exiting Juilly, at the stop sign, turn left on to the D404 in direction of Nantouillet. Admire château de Nantouillet listed an Historic Monument then continue until Messy, pass in front of the church Saint Mesmes, also a listed an Historic Monument.

Arriving at Messy, you can get back to the path taken at the beginning to return to the Gare du Vert Galant by turning right at the level of the traffic lights (D139 in direction of Gressy).

Be careful, after Gressy, toget to the canal, do not cross the road at the restaurant. Turn left on the cycle path, cross the bridge over the canal and then turn left twice to reach Canal de l’Ourcq.

(1) If you want to go round the lake in Gressy (1 km approx.), turn right ! See the route plan for the lake in Gressy.

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