Murs à Pêches orchard in Montreuil

Les murs à pêches de Montreuil

Murs à Pêches (peaches walls) represents a large quartering of orchards of 35 hectares, separated by walls. Peach culture uses a ‘palissage à la loque’ technic introduced in Montreuil during the 16th century. It consisted in growing fruit trees against a wall made of gypsum so they could get reflection from the sun. Now, while walking through the pastoral lands, you will feel like being “somewhere else”. This place is favorable to the development of vegetal and animal species.

Peach cultivation against walls shaped the landscape of Montreuil. These luxury fruits at the origin of the of city’s renown in Europe were served at the tables of Louis XIV, the Queen of England, the czar and Russian princes… discover this rich horticultural heritage!

The Murs à Pêches association has three plots opened to the public: presentation of the orchard and its peach trees growing against the walls, presentation of other gardens on the same site (Sens de l’humus, medieval garden).

Free visit, open on Sundays afternoon, from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Murs à pêches
23 rue Saint Just, Impasse Gobétue

48.861601 , 2.45755
tel tel : 01 48 70 23 80 (01 48 70 23 80 : soirs et week ends)
06 98 95 88 57
Getting there Getting there
Bus : 102, 121 Danton ou 122 Saint Just
Murs à pêches, 23 rue Saint Just, Impasse Gobétue, 93100 MONTREUIL
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