Horticultural Museum murs à pêches

Musée horticole des murs à pêches

Located within the walls of the garden-school, this museum is the only museum to exhibit the tools and techniques linked to the cultivation of peaches in espalier all along the plastered walls between the sixteenth and nineteenth century. This small and unique museum in France retraces the incredible adventure of an arboriculture of excellence which was developed in the eighteen century until the twentieth century at Porte de Paris. From the cultivation of peaches in espalier on the walls, to the labelling of fruits, many objects remind us of the time when the economy of Montreuil turned towards arboriculture and horticulture.

The school -garden and the museum are open each 2nd Sunday of the month at the occasion of Nuit des musées.

It is also possible to visit some plots on the wall of peaches in Montreuil.

Musée du jardin-école
4 rue du jardin-école

48.85933 , 2.46026
tel tel : 01 70 94 61 30
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Musée du jardin-école, 4 rue du jardin-école, 93100 MONTREUIL
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