The former Banque de France in Saint-Ouen

Banque de FranceThe building that housed a branch of the Banque de France in Saint-Ouen meets the criteria of the monumentality of the architecture of financial buildings.

The choice of location for the construction of a financial institution is never left to chance. The monument must be seen from afar, either finishing a perspective or at the corner of two streets, marking the intersection. The  Banque de France building in Saint-Ouen is located on the Place de la République, facing the town hall, which was built earlier.

Its style is neo-classical, combining brick and stone as for the Bank of France in Pantin. The Banque de France closed the offices of its branch in Audon in the 1960s. The municipality bought the building in 1976 to install the administrative and social center. The interior was refurbished by the architect Starkier.

L'ancienne Banque de France à Saint-Ouen
6 place de la République

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L'ancienne Banque de France à Saint-Ouen, 6 place de la République, 93400 SAINT-OUEN
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