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Journey Through History: "From Occupation to Liberation" Walking Tour in Paris

  • Paris sous l'occupation
  • Paris sous l'occupation photo 2

Price from: 45¤/ person

Lunch included

  • Group Size: 20-25 person
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Validity : monday-thursday
  • Transport:

Guided group tour in Paris on the theme "from occupation to liberation"

Discover the emblematic places of the German Occupation in Paris between 1940 and 1944. Along the way, several themes will be discussed, such as Deportation, the economic, political and artistic collaboration of certain French people, the Resistance, but also daily life under the Occupation and its various aspects.

Several important buildings occupied by the German army will then be presented before ending the tour with the events linked to the Liberation of Paris. Between examples and anecdotes, facts and figures, this dark period in the history of France will also be studied through the evocation of unknown or famous characters as well as many original photos. 


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