Tignous Contemporary Art Centre

Centre Tignous d'Art ContemporainCentre Tignous d'Art Contemporain

Located at 116 rue de Paris in the town of Montreuil a building that combines heritage and contemporary architecture, Centre Tignous offers a space of about 200 square metres, devoted to the presentation of artistic contemporary creation.

The architect Bernard Desmoulin was behind the rehabilitation of the main house built in the nineteenth century, set aside a contemporary building extension. This transformation contributed to its identification and guaranteed the venue with an innovative and representative image of visual arts.

Centre Tignous art center has become part of the dynamic project inviting the whole of actors present in the territory: artists, inhabitants, associations, cultural and professional facilities, each and everyone takes part in the artistic creation and running of the venue. It provides :

  • Reception and presentation of collective exhibitions
  • Workshops related to these exhibiitions
  • Guided tours, conferences and debates

Three free exhibitions are held annually and show the most recent artistic creation. A selection of artworks highlights the municipal artistic collection, which aims to become an artotheque and lend to the public. More than 150 artworks are accessible for the inhabitants of Montreuil, on appointment.

Through residencies on research and production, Centre Tignous supports all forms of innovative creations.

Meditation is at the heart of every project. It relies on the very use of artistic practices in order to open areas dedicated to reflexion, reviews, creations and research for the benefit of the general public.

Centre Tignous d'Art Contemporain
116, rue de Paris

48.8564752 , 2.4271713000000545
tel tel : 01 71 89 28 00
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Metro : (Ligne 9) Robespierre
Vélib' : 31005 - PARIS 2 (MONTREUIL) (6m)
Vélib' : 31013 - CENTENAIRE (MONTREUIL) (22m)
Vélib' : 31709 - MARCEL (BAGNOLET) (34m)
Vélib' : 31006 - REPUBLIQUE 2 (MONTREUIL) (36m)
Vélib' : 31007 - PARIS 1 (MONTREUIL) (38m)
Centre Tignous d'Art Contemporain, 116, rue de Paris, 93100 MONTREUIL
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