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Cinematic Reverie: Walking tour in Père-Lachaise Cemetery

  • Cimetière du pere Lachaise - Paris
  • cine balade père lachaise 2

Price from: 15¤/ personne

  • Group Size: 20 person
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Validity : monday-sunday (according to opening date of cemetery)
  • Transport: Metro line 3: station Gambetta

With our specialist Juliette Dubois go to the heart of the Père Lachaise Cemetery, where it is said that there is not a living soul.

However, you will come across a crowd of film buffs from another era: Georges Méliès, Sarah Bernhardt, Michel Legrand, Anna Karina and even Simone Signoret. Often used as a setting in the 7th art, it inspires international filmmakers who like to film this exceptional place known as much for the beauty of its landscapes as for its occupants. 

As you explore the cemetery's labyrinthine paths, you'll uncover hidden corners, elaborate monuments, and evocative sculptures that provide a backdrop to the cinematic tales shared by our guides. Each step is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the artistry and narratives that have enriched the world of film.

From Sarah Bernhardt to Anna Karina, you will pay tribute to some great actresses. In the columbarium, classified as a historic monument, Juliette will show you the locations of the scenes filmed by Truffaut or Verhoeven. Then, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, the most visited graves in the cemetery, are also among the most filmed. 

Join us in paying homage to cinematic legends while wandering through the historic and artistic expanse of Père-Lachaise Cemetery. This cine-walking tour promises an engaging and reflective journey, inviting you to explore the intersection of art, life, and eternity, all set against the backdrop of cinematic inspiration.

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