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Cine-walk in the footsteps of Mélies in Montreuil

  • La lune de Georges Méliès dans le cinéma Méliès à Montreuil

Price from: Price:15¤/adult, 8¤/child

  • Group Size: 8-25 people
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Validity : Everyday
  • Transport:

Georges Méliès founded the first film studio in history inside the limits of this city, creating almost 500 motion pictures. You will tour Montreuil with your guide, following in the footsteps of this pioneer in cinematic narrative and luminary in visual effects. Find hidden jewels such the "Le Méliès" public theater, the location of his studios in the past, his home, and potential hangouts.

But Georges Méliès is not the only director linked to Montreuil. A few years before, the cartoon's inventor, Emile Reynaud , was born in Montreuil. In the 1920s, a large number of Russians also settled there and contributed to the success of French cinema in the world. The studios founded by Pathé where their work still exist

Finally, Montreuil is still a land of filming . There are a large number of films that have used the city's sets: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life, Holly Motors, Jalouse, etc.>

Your guide Juliette Dubois is a graduate in film history. During these guided tours, she makes you discover the history of cinema, techniques and trades, behind the scenes, but also many anecdotes about the films and the city. Extracts of films on tablet will be presented to you. Engage your senses with our interactive cine-walk, where discussions and demonstrations bring Méliès' techniques to life. Gain insights into the art of early filmmaking, from hand-painted frames to intricate set designs, and witness the impact of Méliès' innovations on modern cinema

Other possible neighborhoods for cinema walks:
Belleville-Ménilmontant, Montmartre, the Paris of François Truffaut (9th ardt), In the footsteps of Woody Allen, or even in the 16th with the Majestic Passy cinema.

Lunch or snack possible on request.

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