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It was in 2011, on an invitation by the city of Paris and thanks to a funding opportunity, that the Cirque Electrique Company settled on the pavement at Porte des Lilas over the ring road. At the cross roads between several towns, between Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis, on an overhanging slab of concrete, three big top were set up along with a carrousel and caravans. A hybrid circus programme is proposed.

Circus – Experiences – Shows– Theatres shows – Performances – Balls – Concerts – Films – Debates – Exhibitions – laboratory Circus – Curiosities cabinets co-exist.

A genuine universe exists at Cirque électrique where you oscillate between circus tradition and the reality of a radical and modern urban culture. It features electro-punk inspirations, performances, burlesque...

But the Cirque Electrique did not begin at Porte des Lilas, its history is older than that. They began at the Arena in Nanterre in 1995 and has not stopped since : La Caserne in Pontoise (95), Quai de Seine (Paris 9), Quai de la Gare (Paris 13), la Cour du Maroc (Paris 18), La villa / Elaboratoire (35 - Rennes, Le RTT (Bruxelles), Avignon – Ile de la Barthelasse (84)….

At Porte des Lilas, it benefits from a surface area of 25 hectares adjoining the boundaries of three neighbouring communities: Les Lilas, Bagnolet and Pré Saint Gervais and two Parisian districts (20 and 19). The project was the desire to create cultural links between the inner suburbs and Paris through the space dedicated to creation, to the distribution and transmission of circus arts initiated by the Town Hall of Paris. Cirque Électrique, is the prime contractor of the investment project bringing their experience in the field to the service of the project.

It features a restaurant, boutique and bar called Nouveau Tigre, open from Tuesday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. from Wednesday to Saturday from 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., on Sunday from 4:00 p.m. A pleasant terrace is open on fine days (from the month of May) where you can eat, have a drink and even attend a show.

Le cirque électrique
Place du Maquis du Vercors

75020 PARIS
48.8777683 , 2.4090112999999747
tel tel : 09 54 54 47 24
Getting there Getting there
Metro : Ligne 11 - Arrêt : Porte des Lilas
Tram : T3b - Arrêt : Porte des Lilas
Vélib' : 20029 - PORTE DES LILAS (15m)
Vélib' : 32601 - PARIS (LES LILAS) (23m)
Vélib' : 19037 - PORTE DES LILAS (34m)
Vélib' : 20110 - PORTE DES LILAS (34m)
Le cirque électrique, Place du Maquis du Vercors, 75020 PARIS

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