Espace Niemeyer: French Communist Party headquarters

Espace Oscar NiemeyerEspace Oscar Niemeyer

The "Espace Oscar Niemeyer" is home to the paris HQ building of the French Communist Party. This building was designed by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who also designed the "bourse du travail" - labour exchange - in Bobigny - Seine-Saint-Denis.

This curved building was finished in 1971 while the dome, the forecourt, and underground hall were completed at the end of the 70s. The building rests on five pillars of solid concrete around which the interior of the large hall is arranged and which opens onto the  boardroom and its dome. Oscar Neimeyer privileged curves over right angles. The French Communist Party headquarters stands out with its curves designed to conceal the buildings adjacent to it. The building is a listed monument since 2007.

This exceptional space is ideal for exhibitions, concerts, projections and conferences. It is possible to rent Espace Neimeyer  for corporate events.

Espace Niemeyer
2 place du Colonel Fabien

75019 PARIS
48.8777953 , 2.3706031000000394
Getting there Getting there
Metro : Ligne 2, Colonel Fabien
Vélib' : 10038 - COLONEL FABIEN (7m)
Vélib' : 10110 - LOUIS BLANC (22m)
Vélib' : 10115 - DODU (26m)
Vélib' : 19118 - BOLIVAR BURNOUF (28m)
Vélib' : 10025 - ECLUSES SAINT MARTIN (34m)
Espace Niemeyer, 2 place du Colonel Fabien, 75019 PARIS

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