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Welcome to the Vibrant Flea Market of Saint-Ouen Paris guided group tour

  • Marché aux puces de Saint Ouen

Price from: 29¤/ person

Lunch included

  • Group Size: 20 person minimum
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Validity : saturday,sunday&monday
  • Transport:

Overview of Saint Ouen Flea market

The Flea market of Paris Saint-Ouen is a unique site classified for its atmosphere. Your guide will take you on a discovery of this astonishing market bringing together no less than 2,500 traders spread over ten markets:

The Vernaison Market was one of the first markets in 1920, with its small prefabricated booths, rented at excessive prices by second-hand goods dealers and ragpickers. The Biron Market is recognized as the place where you can find quality antique furniture, gilded wood, glassware. The Jules Valles Market is the place to discover unusual objects and bargains. The Malik Market, built on a former market garden, is a space dedicated to second-hand clothes.

Step into a bygone era as our knowledgeable guides lead you through the enchanting alleys of Saint-Ouen Flea Market. Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of vintage curiosities, each carrying a tale of history, culture, and artistry.

Highlights of the Tour

Art Deco Treasures: Discover the opulence and elegance of the Art Deco era through a curated selection of remarkable pieces.

Vintage Fashion Finds: Explore a captivating array of vintage clothing, accessories, and designer items that evoke the glamour of the past.

Fine Arts and Collectibles: Immerse yourself in the world of fine arts and collectibles, from delicate porcelain to exquisite paintings and sculptures.

Unique Souvenirs: Find the perfect memento of your Parisian adventure among a plethora of unique souvenirs and trinkets.

Snack includes: water (mineral or sparkling), hot drink (tea or coffee), fruit juice, fruit basket to share, homemade cake.

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