Gurdwara Singh Sabha

Gurdwara Singh SabhaGurdwara Singh SabhaGurdwara Singh Sabha

Gurdwara Singh Sabha is the first Gurdwara (Sikh temple) of France. The Gurdwara, or “House of God”, is located 18 rue de la Ferme in Bobigny in the heart of a residential street. You can recognize it thanks to the sacred Khanda flag, symbol of the Sikh religion. Built with an oriental architecture with three domes, its arcs and its warm color tempt passersby and the curious ones to go through the door, opened to all.

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This temple was built during the 2000’s by the first Sikh community of France after more than 20 years worshipping in two refitted houses now too small. This worship venue has three levels with a proper functionality for each of them.

On the first floor are welcomed the visitors and the worshippers.

On the second floor, a sacred kitchen and a canteen are located where we can taste some traditional Panjab food (from North of India).

The third floor is entirely dedicated to the prayer room where the Saint Book, named Guru Granth Sahib, the 11th and eternal spiritual guide for Sikhs across the world is placed. The egalitarian and universal message of this book is addressed to everybody with no race, sex of religion distinction.

The Vaisakhi festival is an important date for the Sikhs which celebrates the birth of Khalsa on April 14th 1699. The founder is Guru Gobind Singh who institutionalized the uniform for the 5K rule.

The 5K are the symbols that Sikhs must permanently wear:

  • Turban covering hair which must never be cut
  • The dagger
  • The wooden comb
  • The bracelet
  • The underwear

This religion festival is held every year at this date. You can attend the parade in Bobigny, to the demonstrations of Sikh martial art, the Gatka, and share a meal. This Sikh celebration gathers about 4,000 persons every year.

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Gurdwara Singh Sabha France
16 rue de la Ferme

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Gurdwara Singh Sabha France, 16 rue de la Ferme, 93000 BOBIGNY
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