Haute-Ile Park

Parc départemental de la Haute-Ile

Haute-Île Park is a green natural and semi natural space planted for our enjoyment and relaxation as well as for the protection of wildlife and their natural habitats and rare flora in the North East of Paris. The town of Neuilly sur Marne located in Seine Saint Denis has rehabilitated the site into a beautiful peaceful park dedicated to a new environment to welcome fauna and flora into our daily lives. Haute-Île Park is considered as a jewel-like quality Green Park which extends itself over sixty-five acres into a new inviting park to discover fauna and flora. The Park is close to the river Marne which flows in and around the park. The river’s ecosystem hosts a rich biodiversity and is viewed as a carefully rich and deliberate interplay of man, waterways and interaction amongst plants, animals and micro-organisms. These ecosystems provide many important environmental benefits for the aesthetic value which show the various changes in the natural landscapes also inspired by alluvial floodplains. Visitors can observe a now endangered ecosystem reconstruction; the changes occur due to water level variation because of development and that part of the changes are at risk caused by the loss of wetlands as without the flood protection that wetlands provide, the environmental risk continues to increase.

Six observation posts to observe birds

Haute-Île Park has cabins with loopholes to observe birds in their natural environment without disturbing them. There are about forty species of birds including gulls, swans, duck and also kingfishers, sparrows, grey-heron and the noisy rattle-hawk. If you love nature; you should look out for our urban agriculture events.

A gravel road of 3 km allows sports enthusiasts, Sunday walkers and families to explore the park on foot or by bike.

Events related to the significant archeological site called “Archeosite” and the birdlife observation in wildlife are organized  throughout the year in the visitors center in the park. The visitors information center is located not far from the Archeosite where you can ask for a map of Haute-Île Park produced by

Children’s playground in Haute-Île Parkplay area - park haute ile

The playground on the theme of the Middle Ages and trolls is located at the end of the park and is easily accessible by following the main pathway from the entrance.  A delightful medieval castle adds to the children’s enchantment - from 2 to 12 years old.

Picnic tables and toilets facilities are also available in the park.

Parc départemental de la Haute-Ile
Avenue Jean Jaurès

48.8627497311127 , 2.56273169848635
tel tel : 01 43 93 42 53
Getting there Getting there
Bus : 113, arrêt Pointe de Gournay
RER (Regional rapid transit) : A, Neuilly-Plaisance puis bus 113
RER (Regional rapid transit) : E, gare Chelles/Gournay
Railway station : Gare de Chelles/Gournay puis bus 113
Road : RN 34
Parc départemental de la Haute-Ile, Avenue Jean Jaurès, 93330 NEUILLY-SUR-MARNE
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