Park Jean Moulin - Guilands

Parc départemental Jean Moulin les Guilands

Park Jean Moulin and Guilands include a huge open space of  26 acres of spectacular views. The park extends all the way down to the towns of Montreuil and Bagnolet. The park Jean Moulin in Bagnolet and the Park Le Guiland in Montreuil have been totally structured to form a big relaxing park. The park expands beyond the limits of both cities and it is known today as the Jean Moulin – Guiland Park of Paris and Montreuil.

The park is currently an open-air and fun-filled park which offers huge and vast green carpet lawns and on the other side shady woodlands. It has numerous playground areas and equipment opened in 2006 for both disabled children and others. Visitors are impressed by its excellent use of green space, well maintained facilities and high standard of security and safety in the park.

Just inside the entrance, visitors can take a seat along the covered trees area providing intermittent shade and sun. A children’s garden and playground is included with fun activities to complement the neighboring home gardens. A part of it features water games and other facilities for disabled children.

Wildlife of Fauna and Flora

The natural areas of flowerbed gardens contain a wealth of space and relaxation such as a prominent contribution of “good health” benefits in the city. The open green space offers a real island of greenery highly urbanized originality and varying wildlife which gives an important heritage value to the park reflecting the history of both towns.

The park is teeming with wildlife boasting numerous plants and rare birds that have made their home in the park.  The park is witness to different backgrounds going from a classical park with a sort of “regularly manicured lawns” to shrubby lands around the pond with its fauna and flora in full development. The park now ensures the site of a stunningly well-preserved area to actively encourage wildlife and plant activities.

Take a stroll around the park and enjoy its natural surroundings leading to a young but dense woody area adding to its natural habitat and the potential of diversification of its natural wildlife.

Join a guided tour or stroll alone to encounter the parks fauna and flora, forty different species of birds can be observed in the park where they made their home thanks to the wilderness of the area where they have natural food and shelter. 

With more than 40 recorded species from common garden birds to extremely rare birds sightings, the park offers visitors, whether it be a tiny glimpse of the Common kestrel, the old world flycatchers the Whinchat, the Common Firecrest or hawks.

Don’t leave out the trail of paths and tracks which cover the entire park, you never know what you may spot next! It boasts an impressive numbers of wildlife species. Be the eye witness of an amazing ballet dance of insects flying and flitting from flower to flower or greedily enjoying their meal of rich green grass!

Enjoy and relax: Other activities include orienteering courses about trails around the city and the region. A running track, a football pitch, and a picnic area as well as numerous activities and entertainment leaflets are proposed.

There are many tracks for bicycles and roller blades around the park. No cycling is allowed through the woodland and outside the tracks. Bicycles and roller blades are welcome but one must remember that pathways through the park are also used by walkers and others. Slow down if you cycle close to children on roller blades and move with caution.

Learn and Discover

Since 2006, the visitors center “La Maison du Parc” is open every afternoon. Lots of activities suitable for all seasons are proposed. Keep up to date with the news and programme for exhibitions presenting the environment, the towns and the heritage as well as information on events and activities for all the public.

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Additional information and facilities: parking, guarded security staff in the park, several toilets, Dog Parks are also located in the park

Parc départemental Jean Moulin les Guilands
Rue de l'Epine

48.863369 , 2.427415
tel tel : 01 71 29 59 82
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Bus : 102, 122, 221, 318, Galliéni
Motorway : A3, Sortie Bagnolet
Metro : Ligne 3, Galliéni
Road : Périphérique Porte de Bagnolet
Parc départemental Jean Moulin les Guilands, Rue de l'Epine, 93100 BAGNOLET
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