Le Passage market


Opened in the late 1980’s in Paris, Le passage market, extending over 1000m², located in Puces de Saint Ouen offers diverse and unusual objects to lovers of all kinds of rummaging.

Le Passage, meaning the way, a market with an aptly-chosen name because it really connects the street Jules Valles to Lecuyer Street and offers great antique bargain hunting for an unusual choice of furniture and other antiques. Unusual objects, knick-knacks, curios, tables, chairs, and other curiosities are just some of the treasures that can be found here.

Enthusiasts of Le Passage market are decorators, cinema and theatre professionals as well as individuals. You can find everything in the stalls from pieces of furniture, clothes, old books, and military collectibles, ancient objects… Most of the market is devoted to vintage clothes; creators and designers usually drop in here for inspiration and ideas.

Le Passage
27 rue Lecuyer

48.9017572 , 2.336772500000052
Getting there Getting there
Bus : 85, 95, 50, 137, 56, 60, 166, 255
Metro : Porte de Clignancourt ligne 4 / Garibaldi ligne 13
Vélib' : 34003 - CURIE (SAINT OUEN) (12m)
Vélib' : 18035 - PORTE MONTMARTRE (29m)
Vélib' : 34007 - ROSIERS (SAINT OUEN) (40m)
Vélib' : 34004 - VOLTAIRE (SAINT OUEN) (41m)
Vélib' : 34002 - PERI (SAINT OUEN) (47m)
Le Passage, 27 rue Lecuyer, 93400 SAINT-OUEN

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