Church Notre-Dame des Rosaires

Opened in January, 2011, in Les Lilas, Notre-Dame des Rosaires is the first church to be built in the 21st century in Ile de France. Replacing thus the old church, dating from 1887 and falling in ruins; the new church was designed by the ENIA Architects agency managed by four young architects: Mathieu Chazelle, Charles-André Nouvell and, Simon Pallubicki and Brice Piechaczyk in association for this project with the Italian architect Mauro Galantino.

A white building with pure lines

They decided on a contemporary design construction, a white building with pure lines, contrasting with the collective imagination of a "classical" church. The challenge was to adapt to a heterogeneous urban fabric all the while complying to the specifications written up by the diocese.
With a total capacity of 500 seats, the church extends over two levels and features a large nave. The upper floor consists of an organ and also a gallery for special events. In addition, to give a serene atmosphere to this kind of monument; the architects worked on light, oscillating in subtle ways between natural and artificial light.

Construction was financed essentially by the municipality, owner of the church, because the former building had been built prior to the law of 1905, after the separation of the church from the State, that prohibited funding of places of worships.

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La nouvelle église Notre-Dame des Rosaires
7 / 11 rue Jean Moulin

48.8802647 , 2.415068499999961
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La nouvelle église Notre-Dame des Rosaires, 7 / 11 rue Jean Moulin, 93260 LES LILAS
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