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Photo exhibitions in Paris and in Seine-Saint-Denis

After the discovery of creation and distribution of contemporary art in northeastern Paris, we invite your to visit the places dedicated to photography in Paris.

Here’s a choice of addresses that will please photography enthusiasts in all its forms : documentaries, contemporary, old or anonymous and a selection of exhibitions, galeries, festivals, all dedicated to photography in Paris region. Let us guide you !

Photography exhibitions

You can find several sites specialised in the photograpy in Paris. There are also photography exhibitions on site that propose art exhibitions in general.

La Capsule, photo creation residency in Le Bourget

La CapsuleSince 2009, La Capsule is a photograph residency located in the middle of Centre Culturel André Malraux, in Le Bourget. Here you can find a selection of temporary exhibition and a regular cultural programme.

Le balLe BAL Paris 18ème

Built in 2010 by Raymond Depardon and Diane Dufour, Le BAL is an exhibition, réflexion, edition and educational place for modern representation. With Le BAL LAB, each exhibition is followed by exchanges, some projections and performances. Le BAL BOOKS, a specialised bookstore and Le BAL CAFE complete the offer.

Photo galeries

Le Studio Boissière in Montreuil

Studio BoissièreLe Studio Boissière, specialised in contemporary creation and photography, is located in Montreuil since the 40’s. Created by Varastrade Kasparian, le Studio Boissière is now managed by Maccha (Varastrade’s granddaughter) and regularly presents Roger Kasparian’s work. Considered as the Eye of the sixties, the photograph imortalises many famous jazzmen.

Lumière des roses, a gallery in Montreuil

Opened in 2004, the Gallery Lumière des roses is dedicated to pictures by anonymous photographers. Marion and Philippe Jacquier organise 3 thematic exhibitions a year to enhance their amazing collection.

Photography festivals

Circulation(s)Circulation(s), European youth photography festival

Every year, the CENTQUATRE-PARIS holds the festival Circulation(s) which brings to the forefront young European photograph. There are spaces dedicated to all the family, children and adults with Little Circulation(s), a child-sized exhibition. A photo studio is open every  week-end. An opportunity  to get your family portrait.

Latitudes animales, a bi-annual exhibition on photos of animals

Latitudes animalesEvery two years, the town of Drancy holds an animal photo festival. The event also aims to increase public awarness on biodiversity.

Tendance floue, Photography group in Montreuil

Tendance FloueTendance floue is another example how dynamic the territory is. With a team of sixteen photographers, Tendance floue is a laboratory of modern art since 1991.

A photo School in Seine Saint Denis

Louis Lumière, a specialized photo School, based in La cité du Cinéma since 2012, trains students for  professions in the Movies or Photography business.

Previous photo Exhibitions

Major exhibitions previously held in le Nord est Parisien such as:

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