Sacré Coeur church Saint-Ouen

Eglise du sacré-Coeur à Saint-Ouen

Built in 1933, after the plans by the architect Nicod, it replaces the universal exhibition pavilion which was then used as a place of worship (currently known as Pavilions de Liège) in the poor quarters of Cayenne. Used stone rubbles conserved the gruff aspect of the building.  A large facade composed of a three-arch porch and a side tower bell.

The interior decoration of the church was entrusted to the painter Boris Mestcherski and to his master Maurice Denis. The huge mural frescoes of the vault of the choir representing Christ floating on a cloud surrounded by a halo of light, presenting  his heart, an object of worship, to all the people left on earth. Saint-Louis crowned and dressed with the costume of the cross is represented on the extreme left of the composition with Jeanne d’arc opposite him.. The city of Saint-Ouen is represented below the saviour, with,  in the centre, the church  Sacré coeur which corresponds to the Parisian edifice bearing the same patronage, perched on the hill of Montmartre.

Eglise du Sacré coeur
104 rue du Docteur Bauer

48.905729 , 2.34352
Getting there Getting there
Vélib' : 34004 - VOLTAIRE (SAINT OUEN) (37m)
Vélib' : 34007 - ROSIERS (SAINT OUEN) (45m)
Vélib' : 34006 - MICHELET (SAINT OUEN) (50m)
Vélib' : 34005 - LESENNE (SAINT OUEN) (50m)
Eglise du Sacré coeur, 104 rue du Docteur Bauer, 93400 SAINT-OUEN

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