Sacré Coeur church le Blanc Mesnil

 View from the church Sacré-C?ur in Blanc-MesnilThe Church Sacré-Cœur in Blanc-Mesnil was part of the wave of  construction of religious edifices carried out by the  Catholic Church in order to christianize the area called la “Banlieue Rouge” . Two years later, Saint-Charles church was constructed in the same commune for the same reasons.

Christianising the working population of cité-jardin

Built in 1930, Sacré-Cœur church was constructed at the corner of avenues Clémenceau and Gallieni in order to serve the parish at the garden-city of avenue Jean-Bouin and the residential area in the south of the commune. This garden-city, the first in the new country, consists of thirty-six individual pavilions located on either side of the main road which, originally, led to Jean-Bouin Stadium. Completed  in 1933 under the direction of the architect Caignard de Mailly, it propelled into the town a working-class population to be christianised . Sacré-Cœur Church is made of  brick and concrete. The architect knew remarkably well how to take advantage of  the bricks which became the unique decoration of the facade, apart from the sculpted tympanum  representing the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Eglise du Sacré Coeur
Avenue Clémenceau

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Eglise du Sacré Coeur, Avenue Clémenceau, 93150 LE BLANC-MESNIL
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