Church Saint-Yves-des-Quatre-Routes

Exterior view of the church

When Cardinal Verdier decided in early 1930 to launch major construction projects of religious buildings in the "banlieue rouge" (red suburbs), some of them were built in the present-day department of Seine-Saint-Denis (part of the greater Paris area), such as the churches: Saint-Yves-des-Quatre-Routes situated in La Courneuve, Saint-Jean-l'Evangéliste and Sainte-Louise de Marillac in Drancy.

Saint-Yves-des-Quatre-Routes church is the sixteenth "cardinal construction projects" out of the hundred built in the Paris region. Construction of the building was carried out from 1931 to 1933, according to the plans by the architects Michel Bridet and Pierre Robert. The church Saint-Yves-des-Quatre-Routes in La Courneuve was entirely constructed in brick. It features a single nave covered by a ceiling frame and a two-sloped roof made out of reinforced concrete.

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Eglise Saint-Yves-des-Quatre-Routes
18 avenue Lénine

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Eglise Saint-Yves-des-Quatre-Routes, 18 avenue Lénine, 93120 LA COURNEUVE
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