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Immerse Yourself in Urban Creativity: Street Art Montreuil Guided Group Tour

  • street art Montreuil

Price from: Price:18¤/person, 12¤/child

  • Group Size: 10-30 person
  • Duration: 1:30 hours
  • Validity : Everyday
  • Transport:

Visit Montreuil, which is east of Paris and has long served as a significant center for the vibrant French Graffiti movement. At every turn, there will be a pleasant surprise as you move from quiet passageways to areas of free-flowing expression and graffiti. Artists from Montreuil and Paris have dedicated their ingenuity to bring their best works to life across the town, among historical writing and poetic odes.

You are being led by a knowledgeable enthusiast who is ready to share their expertise and provide insights into understanding this complex type of art that originated in the streets and has since dominated the galleries. Prepare yourself for amazement because it's coming, and you'll leave with a wonder-filled mind!

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