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The Olympic village Paris 2024 will be located in Saint-Denis

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games Bid Committee has confirmed their choice concerning the Olympic Village establishment. It is the Olympic village project in the neighborhood of Saint-Denis Pleyel area.

Three cities in Seine-Saint-Denis were in competition to host the 2024 Olympic Games Village: Le Bourget, Pantin and Saint-Denis. It is the site of Saint-Denis - Bords de Seine which has been selected by the Paris 2024 Olympic committee. This site of about 40 hectares will welcome about 10,000 Olympics athletes and 4,500 Paralympics athletes.

The Saint-Denis – Bords de Seine site

The site selected for the installation of the Olympic Village will be located in the Saint-Denis Pleyel area which straddles three districts of the Seine-Saint-Denis department: Saint-Ouen, Saint-Denis and Île-Saint-Denis. This area is home to the Stade de France and the Cité du Cinéma. It is also a very important business hub district. This site which is being rehabilitated with projects for the construction of residential housing, stores and companies headquarters benefits from highly important transport structures (subway, 2 RER lines, the A1 and A86 highways) is in immediate proximity of Paris.  The famous Stade de France stadium, the many sports infrastructures ideal for practice and the aquatic center project definitely played a part in convincing the committee.

Pleyel, an ever-changing district

The Saint-Denis-Pleyel neighbourhood has undergone some changes recently and these transformation will go on in the upcoming years. An eco-quarter project is in progress. The project of the Olympic Village has to take into account the sustainability and profitability of the site, and the ongoing changes in the neighborhood was also decisive for the choice of the committee.

Le Bourget will host the media village

The site of Le Bourget, which has been confirmed to host the Olympic village, and the media village will be on the site of Parc des Expositions - Paris Le Bourget.

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