Olympic Games 2024 in Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis

2024 summer Olympic Games will officially be held in Paris.

Two cities: Los Angeles and Paris were candidates for the organisation of the Olympic and Paralympic games. Each candidate had to convince the International Olympic committee (IOC) that their city was the best choice while respecting a predefined calendar. Here are the important dates concerning the Paris candidacy 2024:

  • February 17th 2016: Application submission 1 to the IOC « Vision, Games strategy and concept », presentation at the Philharmonie de Paris.
  • October 7th 2016: Application submission 2 to the IOC « Governance, legal aspects and site funding »
  • February 3rd 2017: Application submission 3 to the IOC « Delivering the Games, experience and heritage in terms of Olympic sites »
  • September 13th 2017: IOC final presentation and election (Paris was chosen).

Dates of the 2024 Olympics in France  : 

> The Games will be held from July 26th to August 11th 2024

> Dates of the Paralympic Games:  August 28th to September 08th 2024

The Paris and Seine-Saint-Denis candidacy emphasises the following aspects

  • JO Paris 2024Sporting infrastructure already operational: 95% of sites already exist.
  • A major new project: an aquatic centre close to the Stade de France.
  • The settlement of Arena 2 at Porte de La Chapelle, only 2 miles away from the Stade de France.
  • The olympic village, set up in Île Saint-Denis and in La Plaine Saint-Denis, will create 2,200 new family housings and 900 students houses immediately available after the Games.
  • Installation of temporary sites:  Champs de Mars and the "Grand Palais Ephémère (Beach-volley, judo and wrestling), Château de Versailles (Horse riding and pentathlon), )  Courneuve  (shooting event), Le Bourget (media village) and the Concorde (basket-ball 3x3, freestyle BMW, breakdance and skateboarding). 

A lasting project, engaged and open to all!

Hosting the Olympic Games is every candidate city's wish. This major project puts the host country under the spotlights. Success is assured by the infrastructures which are for the most part already existing, however, for this project to properly work its has to involve all of the territory's partners.The Paris 2024 bidding committee wants to define exactly what these games will mean and how they will be used on a small and bigger scale (Paris, Ile-de-France, France) and it will be done in consultation with the French population. A platform has been set up for this consultation. It must allow anyone who wants to, to participate in the deliberations carried out by the paris 2024 Committee when developing the Candidacy project. Also, several debates will be organised around economic and environmental matters. These are not just the Paris Games, they are also YOUR Games! Each opinion is a step towards making sure that the Games are lasting, exemplary and shared among the entire society.


In Seine-Saint-Denis, the Departmental Sports and Olympic Committee (93) supports the sports associations in the department and contributes to the protection and development of Olympic's values as stated in the Olympic charter.

The actions of the Departmental Sports and Olympic Committee (93) aim to fight against violence and doping in sport and to promote the values of Fair-Play and Ethics. The committee is an actor of  the development of sport in the department and also contributes to the defence and developemnt of sport heritage.

The Olympic games organization committee in saint-denis

The Paris 2024 Olympic games organization committee (Cojo) moved into the "Pulse" office building in La Plaine district of Saint-Denis on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021.

The different olympic sports in Seine-Saint-Denis

For the purpose of the Paris candidacy  2024, Seine-Saint-Denis is the department that, after Paris, will welcome the largest number of athletes. Many sports facilities are already in place in the region where sports men and women train each day with the Olympic Games in mind. Athletics, boxing, swimming…, many sports are offered in clubs in Seint-Saint-Denis to encourage people to be active and to take up a sport.

List of the different paralympic sports in Seine-Saint-Denis

  • Athletics
  • Boccia
  • Wheelchair basketball
  • 5 aside football (cecifoot)

Here are some of the non-olympic sports in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis

In Seine-Saint-Denis, it is also possible to practice non-olympic sports such as pelota or boules. Between sport and leisure, these unfamiliar sports are worth a look. These sports usually take place in the context of charity, stress free and convivial.

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