Things to do before the end of the world

The Millenium bug went off without a hitch, we survived December 21st 2012 and avoided a few asteroids. Now, according to the medium who predicted Kennedy’s assassination, Armageddon is threatening us. While we're waiting for the end of the world in 2020, here is a list of unmissable activities to do before chaos with, perhaps, some ways to escape!

Learn how to grow your own vegetables

You will obviously need to eat to handle this hard time. Learn how to cook from scratch and how to grow your own vegetables, even in harsh environment. Why not book a visit to a farm to get tips?

Attend the Survival Exhibit

Learn more about autonomy and survival at the Survival Exhibition in Paris.


You better start training now for the apocalypse. Find where you can train in Seine-Saint-Denis.

Get your bearings

Learn how to read a map and try one of these hiking trails near Paris. This might help you to run away in case of emergency.

Keep faith in humanity…

…. By going to the Fête de l’Humanité.

Find a way to escape from the planet

Visit the Air and Space museum in Le Bourget where you can find a collection of 350 planes. Try to find a new planet where you can live or observe which one is going to crash on earth…

Book your Paris guided tour

Drancy Deportation Camp and Shoah memorial

Drancy Deportation Camp and Shoah memorial

Sunday 31st May 2020 (and 4 other dates)

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