L'Atlas street artist

Atlas lives in Paris but works in his workshop of Les Lilas since 2010. He participates activly at the cultural life of the Lilas like when he was programmed in the Lil’art festival in 2018 or in Urban Activity in 2011 or with his exhibition « L’Atlas was here » in Espace Jean Cocteau.

Behind the name Atlas you'll find Jules Dedet Granel, a street artist born in 1978. He started his career at 11 years old with his first tag. In 1996 he becomes "Atlas". He participated to projects in places and with prestigious actors. He is often asked to collaborate by famous brands, art galleries and institutions.

His works are inspired by calligraphy and explores letters as objects of art. His frescos make calligraphical labyrinths.

Atlas was also in street art exhibitions and festivals such as Lettres ouvertes de la calligraphie au street art in the Institute of Islamic Culture.

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