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The exhibition  of Atlas, a worldwide known wtreet artist, is porposed by the artistic event organised by the Lilas: Mon voisin est un artiste (My neighbour is an artist).

Jules Dedet Granel (Atlas) lives between paris and the Lilas. He started graffing at 11 and, inspired by journeys and oriental calligraphy, he never stops elaborating and improving his unique style. You'll find his works as much in public space than in his workshop.

The exhibition Atlas was here is a route in the Lilas following the artist's steps: You'll see two places of exhibition (the cultural sites Jean Cocteau and Louise Michel), the Kiosque, 9 shops of the city-center and 3 walls of the city. Some itiniraries are available in free access in the exhibition space.

The Jean Cocteau site insists on the artists reflexion about the limits and permeability between in and outside with all his works which distort cleverly important art references with tags, logos, signatures...

The private viewing with the artist, a concert and a performance is on the 16th January 2019 and starts at 6:30pm.

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Contact L'Atlas was here

Centre Culturel Jean Cocteau
35 place Charles de Gaulle

48.8827669 , 2.4187196000000313
tel tel : 01 48 46 07 20
Getting there Getting there
Vélib' : 32602 - POULMARCH (LES LILAS)
Vélib' : 32603 - CALMETTE (LES LILAS)
Vélib' : 32604 - KOCK (LES LILAS)
Vélib' : 32605 - HORTENSIAS (LES LILAS)
Vélib' : 32606 - GARDE CHASSE (LES LILAS)
Metro : Ligne 11, Mairie des Lilas
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Centre Culturel Jean Cocteau, 35 place Charles de Gaulle, 93260 LES LILAS
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