Bernouille woods

The Bernouille woods is a natural protected space close to the city. Situated on the municipality of Coubron, Bois de Bernouille is an exceptionally rich protected area of 45 hectares. The woods is subject to the Prefectural Biotope protection order. A very wet Site (8 ponds and many ditches), Bernouille forest is endowed with interesting fauna and flora : centenary oaks, Black Sympetrum, 7 batrachians species among which you will find web-footed, punctuated and crested Tritons...

Guided tours in a natural environment

A sustainable management programme and the development of a discovery trail now allow the public to enjoy the great ecological richness of this wood in the company of a guide from Maison de la Nature in Coubron or a guide from the association Forêts en Aulnoye.

Contact Bernouille woods

Le Bois de Bernouille
intersection route du bois de Bernouille CD 129

48.9154 , 2.5764
tel tel : 01 43 88 81 70

fax fax : 01 43 88 63 85 (réservation prévoir une semaine à l'avance car bois privé géré par la commune)

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Bus : 642, arrêt Les jardins du Renard (pas le samedi ni le dimanche)

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