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PR21 in the footsteps of Corot in Coubron

Part of this PR itinerary, Coteaux de l'Aulnoye territory, represents 900 ha of wooded and green spaces. The walker will discover different viewpoints of the town of Coubron, its village, its farmed fields, its vines and its forests. From Dhuis‘s forest the walker will reach Bondy‘s forest and will notice lakes, fauna and flaura. This itinerary allows you to discover Seine-Saint-Denis through a mosaic view of unexpected landscapes. The artist Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot often resided in Coubron between 1867 and 1875. You will follow his traces in one of his favorite cities.


  1. Start from Maison de la Nature and take Sente des Vignes. Carry on past the educational fruit garden.
  2. Turn right onto sentier des Platriéres and then follow chemin de Montauban on the left. The vines recall Coubron’s viticultural past.
  3. Head left onto the GR®14A from the Dhuis aqueduct to route du bois de Bernouille. Bernouille woods is classified Natura 2000.
  4. Cross the road carefully and take the GR® path Pays de la ceinture verte d'Ile-de-France on the right.
  5. Cross the road carefully and go in to Bondy’s forest and follow the Dhuis aqueduct path on the right.
  6. Turn left and follow the markings for PR 21 until you reach the ponds. Pass in front of the Frère-Jean fountain, recalling Victor-Hugo’s great novel Les Miserables.
  7. Turn left while carrying on along the lake and then go down the path on the right. The hairpin path will take you to the resevoir.
  8. Take the path on the left to come up to the carrefour des six routes, the same itinerary as for the PR 19 "le sentier de Cosette" – Cosette trail.
  9. At the carrefour des 6 routes, on the top of the hillock, turn right to exit Bondy’s forest via Porte Corot. This will take you back to your starting point via rue des Châtaigniers, allée du Parc, rue Raoul-Larche and rue de Vaujours.
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