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Swimming pool and water sports centres

Swimming pools and water sports centres are open all year long for the pleasure of everyone. Alone or with the family you can enjoy the benefits of swimming, sport or leisure, or attend swimming classes, aqua- aerobics classes...

Swimming pool Gagny
Gagny Swimming pool

Choose your swimming pool or water sports center

You want to swim a few laps to relax or simply have fun with family and friends? Browse below to find all information and addresses of swimming pools and sports centers in Seine-Saint-Denis! The latest fun pool has opened in Seine Saint Denis 93, the ecological swimming pool located in Montreuil.

Choice of small or large pools, water slides...

The swimming pools are sometimes basic pools: a large pool for those who know how to swim and a smaller one for children to play in under the supervision of their parents. The necessary range of accessories; adaptable belts around the waists are available as are foam swimming boards, or a pool noodle, etc.

Water slide, swimming pool C. Muffat in RosnySome swimming pools are now known as "aquatic centers" or "nautical centers" with swimming accessories and more elaborated equipment such as water slides, pools where you can swim against the current in a swimming lane, whirlpool baths with hot water to relax and unmissable attractions just like when the pool is transformed into "waves pools" or water jets...

Relaxation spaces and aqua games

Some of the nautical centers are equipped with saunas and whirlpool baths for relaxation and water slides and diving platforms. Summer time is great for a family outing to one of the various municipal swimming pools or aquatic centres: games for children and adolescents under the watchful eye of the lifeguard.

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A swimming pool for sunbathing

Take yourself out onto the lawn especially laid out for those who want to tan, Enjoy the sun, go sunbathing in a swimsuit in your town. Swimming pools and nautical centres often have an outdoor open space (sort of " beach") that allow you to relax outdoors, to sunbathe, and sometimes to enjoy swimming outdoors in fine weather.

Swimming in the Bassin de La Villette, Paris 19th

Three swimming pools are installed during summer at the Bassin de La Villette since 2017. It is one of the rarest open air swimming areas located in Northeastern Paris.

Swimming competition in Seine-Saint-Denis

Some of the pools located in Seine-Saint-Denis are efficiently equipped to host sportive competitions.

Maurice Thorez stadium in Montreuil hosts sportive trials such as the Open de France - synchronized swimming competition. The Bassin de La Villette and Canal de l’Ourcq also host swimming races such as the Open Swim Stars and multisport competitions as the Garmin triathlon.

During the 2024 Olympic Games, some of the nautical centers will welcome athletes for trainings and Olympic competitions, yet a new center will be also built for the Olympics in Paris.

During summer 2018, Paris will host the 2024 Gay Games where some swimming trials will be hold in Northeastern Paris.

Useful information

Swimming courses, diving and aqua gym

Swimming pools are often used by schools thus enabling children to learn how to swim and make them less afraid of water along with the help of a swimming coach. Private swimming lessons are often available for children and also for adults, aqua gym, scuba diving...


Outdoor swimming in Paris la Villette - Open Swim Stars Paris

Supervision of swimming pools in Seine-Saint-Denis

Security is optimum either for municipal swimming pools or aquatic centers, as it does not make much difference if it is a municipal swimming pool or aquatic center you will always find lifeguards and bath attendants on site.

Here is some useful information about what you can and cannot do in the swimming pool.

  • Paid access to the swimming pool (or aquatic center)
  • Access to changing room are mandatory
  • Availability of a coat stand, an automatic locker or cubicle (close with a token or a coin - the amount will be indicated at the entrance)
  • Access to the pool is possible only after passing through the showers and stepping in the footbath
  • A bathing cap is compulsory (tolerance depending on establishments).
  • Children under 8 years old must absolutely be accompanied by an adult
  • Violent games, jostling, races in the hallway, stairs, around the pool as well all acts likely to hinder the public are prohibited.

Please check out the rules and regulations which are displayed at the entrance of the swimming pool.

Opening hours of the swimming pool

Notice: swimming pools are sometimes closed just before holidays for complete maintenance before the influx of visitors. Call before you go to know if the swimming pool is open!

Dimensions in the swimming pool

Public swimming pools are generally 25 metres long and between10 m and 20 metres wide.

An Olympic swimming pool is 50 metres long and 25 metres wide (which is used for international competitions).

Check our list of hotel with swimming pool in Paris région.

Camille Muffat Aquatic Center

The pool & fitness center Camille Muffat offers you a large pool measuring 25 meters (about 82 ft) with 5 lanes, a 4 lanes slide and a paddling pool for the kids.
Piscine, centre aquanautique Camille Muffat - Rosny sous bois

Annette Kellermann Aquatic Center

The Centre Aquatique Annette Kellermann in La Courneuve (Paris region), a pool created for the Olympic Games, is located in the Marville sports park. This Kellermann pool has three indoor pools, two...
Piscine - visuel basique - libre de droit - sur Pexel, Emily Rose

Epinay-sur-Seine Canyon Pool

The Canyon aquatic center offers you a large choice of facilities. It is a complete fitness center because it provides a pool but also a fitness club, a climbing wall and a bowling.
Le Canyon Epinay Seb Joly

Nymphéas Noisy

The aquatic center les Nymphéas offers various activities for the whole family in a bright fun-filled space.
Les Nymphéas, piscine à Noisy-le-Grand

Saint-Ouen swimming pool

The city had to close the Auguste Delaune nautical center for an indefinite period. The city of Ile-des-Vannes now provides the nautical activities.
Espace nautique Auguste Delaune à Saint-Ouen

Livry-Gargan nautical center

Enjoy a day at the swimming pool and nautical center located in Livry-Gargan with your family and friends.
Piscine Livry Gargan

Jacques Brel nautical center

It is in this bright atmosphere that you can have fun with your kids. There is an outdoor space for sunbathing and relaxation.
piscine nageurs

La Baleine Aquatic Center

The Baleine aquatic center in Saint-Denis offers a large space to enable families to enjoy moments of fun and relaxation together!
Piscine La Baleine à Saint-Denis

Marlene Peratou Pool Aubervilliers

The Marlène Peratou swimming pool - nautical center in Aubervilliers is perfect for your family and friends to have fun thanks to 2 pools.
Centre nautique M. Pératou Aubervilliers © Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis

L'Odyssée Aulnay

The "aqualudic" swimming pool in Aulnay sous bois will open its doors in summer 2021 with an Olympic pool, games for children (slide) but also a fitness and balneo center. It will welcome athletes at...
L'Odyssée, centre aquatique, balnéo, fitness à Aulnay

Swimming pool le Raincy

Le Raincy municipal pool is located in the multi-sport center. 2 pools are opened for your family to have fun.
Parc aquatique du Raincy juillet 2021, Photo officielle Ville du Raincy

Plein Soleil pool

Le Plein Soleil swimming pool in Neuilly-sur-Marne offers a pool of 25 meters located in a bright space, a large glass-window bay and a solarium (opened in summer).
Piscine plein soleil Neuilly-sur-Marne

Noisy-le-Sec Edouard Herriot swimming pool

Enjoy these two swimming pools in Noisy-le-Sec to have fun with your friends and family all day long!
Piscine Livry Gargan

Swimming pool Tremblay-en-France

The Auguste-Delaune swimming pool in Tremblay-en-France benefits from plenty of daylight with its large glass windows
Piscine Auguste-Delaune à Tremblay-en-France

Swimming pool R-Mulinghausen

R. Mulinghausen swimming pool aux Lilas has a large pool of 25 m under an immense dome which can be opened in summer.
Piscine Tournesol - Les Lilas (c) Seine-Saint-Denis le département

Pierrefitte pool

The pool is made of large patio doors and a green roof. You can access the pool by the big luminous hall with a space to store strollers and a locker for helmets. A bicycle parking can be found in...
Piscine Claire Supiot - Pierrefitte - visuel provisoire

Michel Beaufort Bondy pool

Come to the Michel Beaufort swimming pool in Bondy to enjoy a fun afternoon with your friends.
Piscine Livry Gargan

Malassis Pool Bagnolet

Enjoy a fun day with your family at the municipal swimming pool of Bagnolet thanks to its 2 pools.
Piscine Livry Gargan

Swimming pool in Montreuil

The new sustainable aquatic parc Montreuil, known as Murs à Pêches or Hauts de Montreuil, consists of a double interior pool and an outdoor pool with water slide, rivers, etc.
Piscine des Murs à pêches de Montreuil

Blanc-Mesnil Park Pool

The Parc swimming pool in Blanc-Mesnil offers a whole new leisure activities. It is a recreational complex.
Piscine - visuel basique - libre de droit - sur Pexel, Emily Rose

Le Pré-Saint-Gervais swimming pool

The Fernand Blanluet swimming pool at Pré Saint-Gervais boasts a large pool with lanes for laps.
Piscine Fernand Blanluet Pré Saint Gervais

Swimming pool Paris 20 Vallerey

Georges Vallerey pool located in Paris will host the 2018 Gay Games but also the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.
Piscine - visuel basique - libre de droit - sur Pexel, Emily Rose

Gagny's swimming pool

The Gagny municipal swimming pool is a nautical centre featuring a swimming pool of course and a fitness center.
Piscine de Gagny

Neuilly-Plaisance swimming pool

The municipal swimming pool of Neuilly-Plaisance is located in a landscape setting with a swimming pool with an open rooftop and a solarium.
Piscine de Neuilly-Plaisance

Alice Milliat pool in Pantin

The swimming pool in Pantin was constructed in 1937 and has a deep end pool of a length of 33 m ? including a competition pool!
Piscine de Pantin intérieur - Alice Milliat

Jean Guimier swimming pool Romainville

Enjoy a fun day at the municipal swimming pool in Romainville with your family and friends.
Piscine Livry Gargan

Sevran swimming pool

Enjoy the pool but also the solarium of the municipal swimming pool of Sevran near Paris with your family and friends.
Piscine - visuel basique - libre de droit - sur Pexel, Emily Rose

Villemomble municipal pool

The municipal swimming pool in Villemomble has a large pool and a small pool. Several activities: baby swimmers, aqua gym... are proposed all year round.
Piscine de Villemomble

Piscine municipale de Villepinte

The Villepinte municipal swimming pool is equipped with a large 25m pool and a small pool.
piscine villepinte - site mairie

Clichy-sous-Bois swimming pool

The Rosa Parks swimming pool, located in Villejean in Clichy-sous-Bois was inaugurated in 2015. It is opened everyday.
piscine rosa park - clichy sous bois

Piscine Tournesol de Bondy

Enjoy a day at the Tournesol pool, in the shape of a sunflower, with your family and friends.
Piscine tournesol de Bondy

Nautical stadium in Drancy

The Drancy nautical stadium is an indoor pool with a dome overhanging it. It is a nice place to spend some time and have fun with the family.
Piscine Livry Gargan

Croix de Chavaux swimming pool

This nautical complex allows everyone to practice a sports activity in optimal conditions in a privileged environment with daylight and clarity.
Stade Mauriice Thorez, piscine de Montreuil

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