Canoeing and kayaking

Doing canoe or kayak in the Parisian region is a great way to get a glimpse of the authentic Greater Paris! Canoe clubs propose lessons all year long on the Parisian canals. Otherwise, you can decide to do a canoe outing with your family and friends even though you have never done any before.

You can rent boats to go on a personal tour or get an introduction to individual kayak or two-seat canoe at the Bassin de La Villette. Book a cruise or a nautical activity in the North-East of Paris.

Ourcq Can'Ohť club: Canoe on the Parisian canal

Try canoe or kayak on the ourcq canal in a delightful protected environment.Paddle back and forth and water your friends and family without falling!
canoŽ sevran

Noskya canoe club on the Marne

This leisure club that also knows how to be competitive attends to many canoe and kayak events and proposes lessons for beginners in white water and in swimming pools.
CanoŽ Kayak

Canoe-Kayak club of Aubervilliers-La Courneuve

Try outdoor activities for a change. It is the oppotunity to have a real workout while having great fun and being in contact with the nature during special sessions.

Canoe and Kayak club of Montreuil (CKCM)

The canoe and kayak club of Montreuil is a white water club that trains in the Maurice Thorez nautical center. It also does many outings on rivers.

Kayak and canoe club on the Marne

Come and try canoeing or kayaking on the Marne river with the CKNM that proposes several timings for lessons or disorienting tours on the river, surrounded by nature.
Club de canoŽ kayak Neuilly-sur-Marne

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