Bathing and swimming in Bassin de La Villette

swimming project in Paris Bassin de La Villette
© Mairie de Paris - Cabinet d'architecte Patrick Charoin - Marina Donda

During the Paris Plages summer festival, let's swim in the Bassin de La Villette!

3 bathing pool zones in Paris

The bathing pool will be open everyday (except on August 15th) from June 16th to September 9th (11 a.m. to 9 p.m.) thus enhancing activities at the Paris Plages Bassin de La Villette.

This supervised bathing zone measuring 90 meters long and 16 meters wide features three pools of different sizes and depths all connected together and will be located at Quai de Loire downstream from the footbridge ‘Passerelle de la Moselle'.

  • 1 fun-filled 40cm bathing pool for children
  • 1small pool 120 cm deep,
  • 1 large pool dedicated only for expert swimmers with a maximal depth of 2 m.

Water quality under close surveillance

Water in Canal de l'Ourcq has been under close surveillance for several years and now presents a good bacteriological quality to allow for swimming. The quality control survey station in Pantin gives regular information about the quality of the water and Canal de l’Ourcq. This quality control will be maintained and swimming will be banned in case of any abnormalities found.

A high demand for bathing areas in the city

This swimming project in Paris generated from a strong increasing demand by Parisians and visitors. Several spontaneous events (despite the bathing prohibition) and other events such as the race La Fluctuat, or Paris A La Nage take place in summer. It was for safety issues and to answer to the high demand of safe swimming in Paris that the project was launched.


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